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‘Homeland’ Recap: Dar Adal Works All Angles in Episode 7, ‘Imminent Risk’

Showrunner Alex Gansa told me. So this time, he had a wry smile: It would be quite a cruel storyline. In a sense, I think his time had come. I had a slight of pre-sentience that his time had come up. He died making the ultimate caarrie, giving up his life for the president-elect. Is it an act of patriotism? There is the act of protecting the office as opposed to the individual, which I think matters very much to Quinn.

Honestly I think in the moment, if Carrie had not been Carrie but someone else lying on top of her, that would have been fine, too. At least for him anyway. That strikes me bordering on sociopathic, if not psychopathic. A firework or two? What do you want to say? Quinn has hkok ability and desire to self-examine. And tries to change and get out of these scenarios. She looks at her behavior towards Quinn in Season 5 and makes it about her.

Which is not an evolved soul. It was very grueling. I hope in some way to draw some attention to an underserved demographic in the real world and in the stories of television. The actuality of chemical warfare and its carie. The actuality of PTSD which has only recently been acknowledged by the army as a condition. I think Dar was certainly the orchestrator of using Quinn as a careie pawn in order to store secrets, to turn agents, to secure assets.

I think Dar himself may catrie have tried the merchandise. Just makes me wish he had someone he could call his friend. I guess I can watch it again. Next for me is the blissful unknown. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cafrie me of new comments qinn email. Notify me of new posts via email. Why did they kill Quinn? I hate that they killed Quinn!! He was my favorite character.

The show will not be the same without Quinn. What a mistake they made to kill him off. I hate to break it to the producers and script writers, but if you kill off favorite characters nobody will watch your series. He was the best reason to watch the show… I think they made a HUGE mistake killing him off!! Rupert Friend, an excellent actor and one of the most popular characters in the honeland, was killed homelamd because he had become more popular with viewers than Claire Danes.

Mandy Potemkin, a great star in his own right, has become little more than a seldom uomeland father figure hovering in the background. In turning Homeland into a sort of Superwoman vs. Terrorist soap opera, the producers have carriw all credibility — at least with me. He was kind of like Bond to me but a soldier. So disappointed he is gone. As others have said, I did find it hard to catch him struggle this season.

It quinm so unfair. I just hate this! Who will be next season? Please, please, please, bring Peter back! This season was so disappointing; cannot believe they killed off the most interesting character. Glad I watched it on my treadmill; it would have been such a waste of time otherwise. This season was Rupert Friends best I think he deserves best actor award. I was so mad he was killed off he was my favorite actor on the homeland carrie and quinn hook up. I agree with them Season 6 totally boring Madame presidente elect too and Carrie and Saul this season very apatic without expression Best caracteres?

The amazing Quinn and the malevelous Dar a great artist I have not curiosity in White House gossips …. I found it difficult to watch and I just wanted him to be his old self, This season really sucked in comparison to past seasons. I thought it was pretty boring. I may not watch next season. Peter Quin was good. Hom make homeland carrie and quinn hook up about verteran issues was on point. I may watch tbe 1st 2 shows, but if it is not flowing good, then….

That is not a proper way to say goodbye to Such a jook character — who made season 6 So wonderful to wach. They left many loose ends and holes. That is definitely not a good bye. Peter will be back. Not Homeland homwland Peter Quinn. I was ready to watch his struggle as a vetern, still trying to do a job while rehabillitating. The whole context of the show was the struggle of Carrie and Quinn attempting to do adn jobs, all the while keeping their strong ties to each other.

Killing off Quinn is destroying the only interesting storyline this show had to move forward with for two more seasons. The Saul and Carrie storyline in no longer viable since it became obvious Saul was willing to sacrafice Carrie over and over again, for his own agenda, or for others. Quinn never did that to her. Dar should have been homeland carrie and quinn hook up person sacrificed, which would have been so satisfying on so many levels.

The writers blew it, totally…. I cant believe Im not alone on this! Ever snd Quinn appeared in Homeland he has stolen every scene!! Rupert Friend is dating agency cyrano flower boy dating agency konusu a great actor. The one character who had the capability to see through it all; to see the big picture; to see what really nook. Again, as others have said: Carrie and Saul are the same! Yes Both their characters are amazing, but with Quinn gone that moral foundation for the show is gone.

What are we to test against what is right or wrong? Quinn wanted redemption; the writers brought him SO FAR and merely killed him off with no proper conclusion. I really hope that is to keep open the possibility of him coming back, because imo, the consequences and negative feedback for bringing Quinn back next season will be FAR LESS hopk the consequences of the show continuing without him!!

Imho only but it seems many agree — what a great homeland carrie and quinn hook up Peter Quinn what a beautiful and charismatic character. And really masterfully played by a deep, enigmatic and human Rupert Friend. If I think back over the 6 seasons, they would have been cold and hoemland without his mysterious, reliable and addictive personality.

He was the soul of Homeland, the so special charm cafrie made me go on watching homelland series. So, really perplexed as what will come next. I hope that you have read all of the observations here about what a gifted, talented, actor hmeland are. May you have a very long career which includes endless opportunities to keep us riveted in our seats.

Quinn (+ Carrie) - I know You Love.. (6x07)

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