Titanfall pc slow matchmaking

Slow matchmaking titanfall

Their titanfall pc matchmaking slow

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November 5, 9: I don't know about the others, but my matchmaking experience is not satisfactory. The player number is so low that I don't quite mxtchmaking this is a freshly released game. A new game is not supposed to have such low titanfall pc slow matchmaking number. This causes a low player count in most networks, and i rarely get responses from the network invite function. This hugely impedes my interest in playing multiplayer.

Will it be possible to add a invite network function in the Advocate network? It is the default network so it has the most number of player in it. November 5, 1: I totally agree with you Bought the game yesterday, and i've been unable to get into a match yet I'm from argentina, but on the ADV net it show as less than players connected Matchnaking 6, 3: Even though there is sufficient player number worldwide, there seems to no way for me to get in a match fast if I don't get enough regional players.

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