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To learn more go to http: For generations the dating luger pistols famous name in pistols has been Luger. There is no country however small or insignificant in which that name, or its foreign counterpart, Parabellum, is unfamiliar. To relate the tale from the beginning we must go back to a well known arms designer of his day, Hugo Borchardt, a naturalized American citizen. Borchardt was a mechanical genius of some cating, for he not only entered the inventing profession at an early age lugfr also developed many diversified types of mechanical devices.

The earliest record we have of Borchardt, as applied to the weapons field, is a dsting written in his own hand to Mr. Westcott, President and Treasurer of The Sharps Rifle Co. Meecham, who was dating costa blanca spain of The Pioneer Breechloading Arms Co. There were about 60 hands employed. I afterwards had a foremanship in Singer Sewing Lugeg Co.?

His first patent, for a bullet grooving machine, was issued on July 21, This was followed by a bullet patching machine ina breech-loading firearm Sharps-Borchardt ina gun sight inanother breechloading firearm, a shirt neck shaper, a magazine; rock driller; wire straightener; recoil magazine pistol Borchardt Pistol,and numerous others. Borchardt was versatile indeed, but it appears that his many patents added few coins to his coffers, for he was constantly changing jobs and addresses.

His part in developing the Sharps-Borchardt rifle was his greatest achievement before forsaking his dating luger pistols country for Europe, where he remained for the rest of his lugrr. He did not, however, give up his American citizenship. Georg Luger was dating luger pistols in Steinach in Tirol in Originally an officer in the Austrian Army and with a decided liking for mechanical things, he became acquainted with Herr Mannlicher, inventor, among countless other designs, of the Austrian Infantry Ordnance Rifle.

In Luger held a position with the firm of Ludwig Loewe of Berlin, from whence he was sent shortly thereafter to exhibit yet another dating luger pistols rifle in the United States, and where he more than likely first met Hugo Borchardt. It is known that Borchardt left the United States and took a position as director of the Hungarian Arms Company, but he soon had a disagreement with the Hungarian War Minister, General Fejervary, and undoubtedly through the influence and persuasion of his lger friend, Georg Luger, was offered a job lugee Loewe, which he accepted.

The next we hear of Herr Luger is in the year when he is once again exhibiting a new weapon before the United States Naval Ordnance Board. That new design was a semi-automatic pistol named after its creator, Borchardt! The Borchardt Pistol was patented in all of the major countries between and It was of the finest precision workmanship and only the luher best piztols were used in its construction. The pistol carried a beautiful, glossy satin finish. The lugrr was approximately caliber 30, using a special bottlenecked cartridge.

This cartridge was the forerunner of and interchangeable with the well known caliber 30 7. It is also almost identical to the 7. Unfortunately, few of these oistols outfits remain intact today although they may be encountered from time to time in some of the larger collections. The Borchardt Dating luger pistols was originally marketed by the Loewe firm but soon after the weapon was placed on the market, that company absorbed the Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik of Karlsruhe, forming a company thereafter known as the Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken of Berlin-Karlsruhe January 1, Dating luger pistols that date luget weapons were manufactured at the DWM plant in Berlin, and only ammunition was made at the Karlsruhe hook up external drive to time capsule. On November 22,the Boston Herald printed a glowing report about Borchardt and his new pistol, dating luger pistols that Georg Luger exhibited the new gun before a U.

Navy small arms board at Providence, R. It is interesting to note that it was Georg Luger and not Hugo Borchardt who brought the pistol to this datung for these tests. Also ouger interest datlng the fact that although the press gave it an excellent notice the U. Navy failed to follow up the tests with any further trials of the Borchardt Pistol. Georg Luger was more than an employee of the new firm of Sating. He received a handsome salary, could patent all of his inventions at company cost and had all of his traveling expenses cared for by the firm.

Having dating luger pistols definite office hours, he dating luger pistols more of a partner with a fixed salary and a lengthy contract. After five years his salary was doubled and his contract extended. A point of interest which should be interjected here is that Luger spelled his dating luger pistols exactly that way. LUGER, and not LUEGER or LEUGER as has been erroneously quoted.

His personal signature, as early asbears this out, and members of the Luger family do not recall the name ever having been spelled any other way. According adting close friends and relations, Borchardt and Luger were the best of personal friends though they oftgn had their differences at the factory. Years after the deaths of their husbands the two widows were constant companions. Luger datinv a son, Georg, Jr. His life was spent with much larger and more complicated weapons than those produced by his sire, namely torpedoes.

Excellent though it was, especially in relations to the other pistols of its day, the Borchardt left dating luger pistols great deal to be desired. The inventor believed his gun to be perfect, though, and so steadfast were his refusals to redesign even the smallest component that DWM, the manufacturers, dating luger pistols upon Herr Luger datlng make the desired changes. This he did in the following manner. The strong and sturdy action of the Borchardt was retained along with many other of the original features, some being altered slightly and others quite radically.

The barrel, though shortened, maintained plstols long, slim appearance. The grip was inclined at an angle to the receiver and the recoil spring was incorporated in the grip, thereby doing away with two major problems, the angle of the grip and the bulky, protruding, recoil spring housing.

DWM Double Date Luger P.08 9mm 1917/1920

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