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Reflections of a Widower

Dating a Widower — What to Expect

Pastor Jim provides advice regarding widows and dating. I AM A RECENT WIDOW AND WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC DATING ADVICE FOR ME? While it does not remove many of the things you are learning to deal with, it is a great gift. Before you entertain dating, I do have some suggestions for you. Allow me to share them as points below for your consideration. The desire to find someone to share your life with now is very natural. It is also one that CAN get you into a lot of heartache if you do not approach this with a plan.

The first thing that I strongly suggest is finding one or more Christian women with whom you can build a deep, supporting relationship where there is also complete accountability to one another. These women will also help you keep your perspective and emotions in check WHEN you begin to relate to men in dating. This can be a BIG chrisrian to you as we often cannot see things within us dating a widower christian advice can cause difficulties as we relate to others.

If a counsellor is not available, then I would suggest discussing this with your Pastor. You will find those perhaps many who will encourage you to move on with life as a widower and begin dating as soon as possible. They are well intentioned but likely not experienced in where you are. It is not the amount of time that relates to when you should date but where you are emotionallyetc.

Having said this, I would follow up chriatian adding that I have not found this process to be complete and a person ready to date hookup subreddits 1 year and most likely 2 years for most. May I suggest that you not focus on dating a widower christian advice you do not have, but rather on what you have and what you can become — one choice at a time. Be busy adice the things you enjoy with those you enjoy doing them with and let God lead you to the right choices.

Dear John, We are sorry to hear that. Hope God gives peace to you heart and that time heals the pain. When you are ready to meet other Christians, you just need to create a profile on ChristianCafe. You will find others to fellowship, and I am sure you will make new friends and if it is God desire for you, a new spouse, when time chdistian right.

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