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Private messages show up here. You have no conversations yet. Click 'Start New Conversation' to send a message. Cancel Edit Create Matchmaking in destiny Post Play nice. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. My Legend Profile Gear Gear Manager Inventory Progress Stats Activities Grimoire Vendors. Community Forums Streams Creations News My Clan Groups Forums Recruitment. Help Articles Help Forum Eververse Eververse Matchmaking in destiny Destny.

Destiny Releases Matchmking Eververse. Advanced Search Search what? Forum Topics Users Groups Created All Last Year Last Month Last Week Today Tagged. Matchmaking in destiny In PlayStation Network Xbox Live. Profile Settings User Research Redeem Code Refer-a-Friend Sign Out Admin Reports Review User Bans Ij Editor Admin History Creations Curator. Following Clan PlayStation Xbox LIVE 0 Status: Your session with PSN has expired.

Reauthenticate with PSN matchmaking in destiny view your friends. Your session with Xbox Live has expired. Reauthenticate with Xbox Live to view your friends. To see the latest posts, switch to on Trending sort mode. Today the development team is making a few changes to Matchmaking settings with the goal of improving your experiences in the Crucible. Here is a quote straight from the team with some details about what is being changed. Matchmaking in destiny specific goal is to reduce the number of matches that begin before they fill up with players.

To achieve this, we are expanding the available skill-range for other players earlier and more aggressively. Speed dating connecticut will also be matchmaking in destiny for lower-latency matches for longer than before. Essentially, this puts a stronger bias on connection quality, with less emphasis on skill matching. This may result in slightly longer matchmaking times in some cases.

We hope the tradeoff is worth it to improve the Crucible ecosystem in general. As always, our work in designing a Crucible experience that serves all players is never finished. Be sure to let us know what you experience out there. Our forum, just like our game, is a constant source of great feedback. After you play some games with the new settings, feel free to post in this thread with any feedback you have. Let us know what you think.

Comment Reply Start Topic. B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. Forum Category Destiny Feedback Help Community Recruitment Gaming OffTopic. Please take out SBMM entirely. Please bring back Matchmaking in destiny. It's the only answer. Still having terrible games in crucible, mostly the whole team is yellow with red bars matchmaoing im against a full redbar game lobby, its just not playable.

Ive tried different game modes even given it a break to see if the connection was "weather" related but i just dont see the point in doing pvp. At worst it has caused clan mates to move on to other games or after two to three terrible lobbies friends just leave the group as they are done with trying to shoot taken like stuttering players.

Destiny Bungie Hints at Raid Matchmaking // Should it happen?

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