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The Immortal

The Immortal and the Antihero

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other datng correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discussion in ' Sunnydale Cemetery ' started by Kiss The LibrarianJul 31, Log in or Sign up. Thank you for visiting Buffy-Boards. You obviously have exceptional taste. We just want you to know that: You really should register so you can chat with us! Ten thousand people can't be wrong. See 1 through bffy. Come on, register already! Question about the Immortal Discussion in ' Sunnydale Cemetery ' started by Kiss The LibrarianJul 31, Dec 12, Messages: I've read that they explained what was the relationship or non relationship Buffy and him had in the comic.

Could someone tell me what exactly happens between them?? It's for a fic. Kiss The LibrarianImmortla 31, Oct 24, Messages: One of datig fake Buffy's had a relationship with the Immortal. But the real Buffy was in Scotland. CohenJul 31, Jan 28, Messages: Tthe you need more specific info about what happens between fake Buffy and the Immortal I would recommend reading the book 'Queen of the Immoortal, as that pretty much dealt with it. Tueuse de VampiresJul 31, Except, of course, for the fact that "Queen of the Slayers" buffy dating the immortal Holder's interpretation of what happens after the series, and not canon at all.

Oh, and it deals with if the real Buffy was with the Immortal dwting not a fake Buffy. Throwing everything to the wind, you can refer to Queen of the Slayers. Nov 15, Messages: Also, according to the comics, Bucfy set up the Immortal thing speed dating burton he thought it would be funny. Buffy didn't get the joke. Neither do I, unless it was some sort of private joke between him and Giles. Sep 30, Messages: Ok thank you I'm doing a crossover with Doctor Who, and this fits perfectly into my fic, although my Buffy is in Italy Immotral just can use the TARDIS a go to Scotland.

The Doctor and Rose actually make an appearance in the Faith arc No Future for You. I yhe doubt that Buffy was in on the joke. That whole thing sounds imnortal like what Giles would do as a subtrifuge to keep Angel and later Spike in the dark as buffy dating the immortal where the real Buffy was. As long as Angel thought that Buffy was in Italy, Giles would be able to block any kind of communication between her and the two vampires and it's almost immorfal certainty that Andrew told him about Spike being back as soon as he got back to London and the New Watchers' Council who he considered "unworthy of his Slayer.

Immorfal once, someone else had made a decision affecting Angel and later Spike without allowing the buffy dating the immortal s buffy dating the immortal Buffy any say in the matter, something Angel buffy dating the immortal more dqting once. I never thought about it that way!

Sounds to much like Spandex for my likning. Oh, and I apologise for all the images in ommortal head right now. Aug 8, Messages: Wish i had the comics right now Hope what I ordered comic has a Queen of Slayer. Some of the Episode on Angel the girl in question, I think Buffy is dating an Immortal which Andrew said that Buffy is moving on Then if that Buffy was fake how come the informant of Angel is wrong or the one who was following Buffy was fooled Queen of the Slayers is an unofficial novel by Nancy Holden, you want to get the Season Eight comic instead for the datinv story.

While Giles may be the only one who was very familiar with the vamps' records WHY doesn't Buffy know more about their pasts? He might have been a little peeved Angel called him Guyles in that conversation though and just wanted a bit of revenge. I think by that time Giles ghe trust Angel because he was working with the enemy. He probably knew he was doing to defeat them but knew it was a mistake and didn't want do anything with Angel.

Kiss The LibrarianAug 20, Sep 3, Messages: So Queen of the Slayers and Season 8 are totally different interpertations of what happens after??? Which is better to read??? Season 8 comics are the ones Joss is writing and says are canon. That's the one you want, if you want to know the canon. SpikeIsLoveSep 4, Jun 26, Messages: MSchettSep 4, Im searching buffy dating the immortal a Queen of slayer but I only found in the net about the queen of hearts is it same or i guess i have to search once again.

I do had Buffy dating the immortal of somehow of what Ive read is like there's a one girl which they do like to be Buffy and also there's a tiny fairy is it the queen of slayer? Or it is just my illusion to call it like that Re-reading the comic, I don't think the fairy gets a name. Also, if you're looking for the Buffy decoy who dated the Immortal, this girl is not it. She's the decoy who went "underground.

Sep 4, Messages: EveryNiteISaveUSep 29, Oct 28, Messages: VBGOct 29, Sep 8, Messages: The joke was about Buffy dating Angel, a vampire, an immortal. Andrew tge it was funny if buffy dating the immortal fake Buffy dated a rhe kinda like the real Buffy. Ha ha they both dated immortals. Clem RocksOct 29, Feb 28, Messages: I think the joke was more that both Angel and Spike absolutely hated The Immortal. AllycatNov 1,

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