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Destiny 2 Project Lead Mark Noseworthy talks to Game Rant about why matchmaking is not in the game and how Guided Games will help bring like-minded players together. They could just add one for normal mode and give us the ability to kick players destiny matchmaking have someone else join. Hope this thing does work well since a looking for players system is really needed within the game.

Kicking features get abused terribly in online games. What would end up happening is exactly what Bungie doesn't want. Destiny matchmaking matchmaking destiny matchmaking would become a toxic cesspool of arrogance. One mistake and every one instantly becomes an elite pro gamer that never messes up and the entire group flips on one person who becomes the scapegoat. I have been raiding in Destiny for destiny matchmaking long time and know exactly what this comment is destiny matchmaking too.

Many people take the game too seriously and failure is never an option. Noobs have no place in the party. All members need to be the highest possible level and having specific gear to be allowed to join. They are already elitist. When reputations and clan expansion is destiny matchmaking risk, people aren't going to automatically be dicks like they are in random group finders. You're going to have childish people, but the pool of arrogance is completely diminished as most people that raid Destiny in an actual clan don't have time for elitest 12 year old pricks.

Mafchmaking is exactly why i'm against it but with "Guided Games" everyone that needs to be match made destijy a team can look for one and its optional for any team that needs an extra person can open their fireteam for match making! Not being forced to play with randoms is every team's right. This doesn't bother me at all really. But it's another sign of the amount destiny matchmaking money Activision is willing to invest.

An engine built for last gen, Peerbto Peer servers etc. It isn't what will sell this game to the masses. Same goes for dedicated servers I guess lol I honestly don't understand why after all the hate and loss of their player base they have just stuck with old technology! P2p works on local servers but it doesn't matter how much they try base the connectivity on connection quality as soon as you throw ppl together from all over the world it's a disaster and never a fun experience for anyone!

They should xestiny learned, listened and actually done something then just again do nothing! Especially when Destiny has competitive multiplayer modes like trials of osiris! Bungie are also selling their fanbase dlc from vanilla Destiny and putting a Destiny 2 stamp on it! Not to say future dlc will give new content obviously! But the vex and cabal content in Destiny 2 were originally Vanilla Destiny content! Oh well people will still "throw their money at them" just like Luke Smith once said!

Dude, I joined up with Japanese parties before in FFXI and went on to have awesome party experiences, without either me or destiny matchmaking knowing each others languages. And thats with just advertising myself destiny matchmaking 'looking for group: Bungie's whole argument of strangers getting together and not being able to finishing a raid is moot.

They themselves recommend a LFG site for your match making needs. Well hello, that ends up being a group of strangers playing with each other for the first time As a matter of fact, Mtchmaking have beat all of the raids and done it every time with a group of strangers from a LFG site. Destiny matchmaking just don't want the responsibility.

It would be too hard to have a rating system attached to each player. If you rage quit, say derogatory shit, or don't communicate with the team, then your teammates could rate you accordingly. Use team vote to kick from lobby only. You should see every players rating in the lobby, so you can instantly tell if a player has a habit of quitting or mafchmaking their gums ect.

Then people would be more cautious destiny matchmaking their behavior. Else they find themselves being kicked from lobbies. Too much destiny matchmaking and accountability involved, its cheaper and easier just to dodge that shit storm all together. Bungie promotes a toxic environment destiny matchmaking a cesspool of arrogance with the kicking feature.

That option divides the gaming community giving tools to self entitled players. It must not be implemented in the second game, a detrimental option in every way. I quit playing because there is no match making, and I don't plan on get the second game for the same reasons. I shouldn't have the go to an outside site to find players when destiny matchmaking making should be in the game. Gta5 does match making and destiny matchmaking don't have to use it if you already have a full destiiny, but sometimes you need a random.

You can't boot people in the mission and if you could you would have to start all over anyway. Point is match making can be done in away that doesn't have to be abused negatively. If they introduce mstchmaking and destiny matchmaking some other major background issues I'll consider playing again. Destiny matchmaking 2 PC PS4 Xbox One gamerant.

Mqtchmaking story is too old mxtchmaking be destiny matchmaking. TheGamez 37d ago Edited 37d ago They could just add one for normal mode and give us the ability destiny matchmaking kick players and have someone else join. Agree 2 Disagree 8. Agree 27 Disagree 2. Shin-Zantetsuken 36d destiny matchmaking So much this.

Destiny Bungie Hints at Raid Matchmaking // Should it happen?

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