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Gibson Serial Numbers

Posted 21 May - Posted 22 May - Posted 19 March - Posted 19 December - GibsonKramer, on 19 March - Sunjoe, on 19 December - Community Forum Software by IP. This topic This forum Forums Members Help Advanced document. Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. Do not waste time gibson usa serial number dating a soundproof shelter. There are some things it can't handle. Anything before 's i wouldnt go for though.

Gibson needs photos and the serial for a proper ID. Guitar Dater is a just one tool you can use to see if the serial number might be valid. Then, having a look at the guitar or photos, if you know what to look for, is also useful. Of course, there are those who use pics of real Gibsons to sell fake guitars - the ol' swap-a-roo.

I have ait still can't decode the serial. Go to the Gibson site, and decipher it yourself, or call them. Too many place faith in that broken dater. I want to verify the year of manufacture, whether it has a 60's neck and the color. Necro thread, but "Guitar Gibson usa serial number dating imo, sucks butt. I just bought a new Les Paul Standard and would like you to check the serial number for me: Delete Post Remove From View The post may still be visible to moderators in gibson usa serial number dating topic Reason: Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely.

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