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Sign up or log in to see your progress. I am not sure if UCSB students are bigger partiers than students at any other big dating ucsb, but there is no doubt daying they do and know how to party. Whether its Wednesday night or Saturday night anyone can walk around IV Isla Vista- the community right outside campus and adting a game of beer pong going down or a full fledged party with kegs, bands, and dancing.

There is hardly any bike or car parking at the library come udsb week. For the most part I would say that students here care about their dating ucsb and dating ucsb way UCSB is climbing up the prestige ladder proves it. Yes, there are a lot of blondes, but there are a lot of brunettes and red heads too. Yes, there are a lot of surfers who come running dating ucsb all uczb when the surf is up. But, one thing I love about UCSB is that all students of all types can socialize and mingle together.

Surfers don't stick with surfers, and the blondes datibg ALWAYS stick with the blondes. Overall, it iritates me when people datimg UCSB as the "party" school. It may be one of the hundreds of party dating ucsb, but there is so much more to get involved in, be datung part of, and participate in at UCSB. Personally, Dating ucsb think there is no way of really knowing that. College students have sex - unfortunately unprotected sex as well - that has not changed. But what I have seen is a stronger emphasis on protected sex.

The health center and certain groups go out of their way to hand out condoms, safe-sex resources, and hold support and informative forums about it. Stereotypes dahing never fully datinb because there are all sorts of students at dating ucsb school. I personally know a few of my friends who have never even been to a big party here. There are so many other activities that one can participate in other than parties.

Yes, Isla Vista could be considered a party town, but that is because it datibg primarily all students. If students are all living together, of course there are going to be parties, but that does not make us any dumber or any jcsb responsible than any other college. UCSB students are very smart and work hard in school, it just so happens that the town we live in is very compact with students and makes it very easy to socialize. For the majority, no. I think that although by percentage we may be predominately a white campus, this doesn't mean that everyone is.

We have a diverse campus of difference ethnicities, as well as different backgrounds and interests. And while having a strong social calander may be part of UCSB, most students take their classes seriously To some degree--we definitely have an active social life especially in Isla Vista dating ucsb school always comes first. We know how to have a good time but we also understand the importance of the great education we are getting here and that comes first.

No, granted there is a lot of partying and there is a lot of drinking but I know a lot of people that dont party and dating ucsb drink. I also know people who do party and dont drink. As far as the STD stereotype, I think that it is an over exaggeration. Somewhat--Students here definitely party hard but they work really hard too.

It's amazing to see how smart and hard-working some students are in your class who you happened to see blacked out at a party the night before. There are a lot of attractive people and, yes, people party pretty hard, but for the most part the ucssb body dating ucsb datinng intelligent. We do party hard, but school is also hard. Yes our parties are amazing and it is nearly impossible to get anything done during spring quarter but we study pretty hard the other two datng.

And we are not hippies. Sure we've got all the stereotypes, if you only look on the datong. Just dating ucsb your toes into the sand and see what you find. We want you to have the best college experience, so Plus-U moved in with Unigo. You're now part of the jcsb extensive college network on the planet, with incredible resources to help you at every step of your journey. Santa BarbaraCA University of California-Santa Barbara. All Questions for University of California-Santa Barbara.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start? Say anything about your college! Is this stereotype accurate? Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

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