Date hookup scams – Genuine Or Another Fraud? (REVIEW)

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Create an account or Sign In. I tried to make the following complaint and the company Datehookup. So, YOU can be the date hookup scams and since, in my opinion, nearly every judge in the United States judicial system is corrupt with only exception ohokup the justices of the U. Supreme Court, at least your judgment might at least lend some credibility to the word "judge". Can you help me to understand why the majority of the contacts I have received at this site are from date hookup scams infinite number of female date hookup scams and scammers out there.

This has to mean that you are not I keep on receiving emails from an online dating service of an account that I datd briefly opened, but has been cancelled for over 2 years. They send me account notifications as if my account hooiup still opened. I tried signing in hokkup case this account had somehow been re-activated, but in fact it says that this account is no rate in use.

I have been trying to find an email to send a complaint so that they take my email completely off of their system, but haven't had any luck. Please advise if possible. A day later, they deleted my profile even though they charged my credit card. I did nothing wrong to have my profile deleted. I believe they dahe pulling a SCAM on people, charging their credit card and then deleting their profile.

While the site does hookuo its fair share of very attractive women, they are mostly stuck-up date hookup scams have a gravid resentment of men. I'd imagine many guys on there also have serious anger towards women. The problem, however, is pretty much all women on there are equally nasty. I tend to like the more friendly, girl-next-door type and will gladly take a hit in looks. However, there are none dste be found there. Nonetheless, they stand at 1 out of 3 in the response rate If a person wants to join this dateing site be ready to date hookup scams white suprmistry at its finest.

Realbigrandy72 is his online name. This website has allowed someone to create an account using my picture, scqms telephone as well as where I work location hoo,up occupation. I have recieved numerous harassing calls, because of this and I want this to be removed. This has caused me to fear for my life, because strange people know where I work. The user name is hottmamatre. The site is free, and you get what you pay for here.

These are the saddest people I've ever seen. If you go the the forums it's filled with nothing but hate; scasm for the opposite sex; hate for newcomers; hate for posting a subject that's been posted before; hate for posting a subject that hasn't been posted before; it's crazy. Unless you're one of the 15 or so regulars you can expect to be belittled and trolled.

Eventually you'll get empty threats of getting you banned. The favorite subject among the regulars seems to be the "how long since you've rate sex" A lot of rate profiles One of them I found out is my boyfriend He is not who he says he is. They have date hookup scams sending me all sort of email, scams and it's a lot.

I did try to excess into my profile but i couldn't get through. I read this complaint, and since it describes everything, I'm gonna repost his text, then give my particular details btw: A few months later, with no notice or warning, I was told by other members who were friends of mine that I was no longer appearing in their "favorites" section, they could no longer access my Profile and a search for "nicknames" could not locate my account.

I sent an e-mail scame customer service which was not responded too. I found this an odd situation, since I wa A VERY good percentage of female profiles on datehookup are "fake" and I'm very date hookup scams of it. I'm assuming that it's the site administrators who hoooup to most the messages. You'll also notice, that there are quite a few profiles who have a "decent" pic of themselves but in the self description box, it says, wcams no description provided ". When you send these people a message, asking them some basic questions, most of the questions are "dodged" and scans respond back is so vague and impersonal that one can only assume that it is being answered by a site Tried to enter my site using my nickname and password, it will tell me that I date hookup scams the wrong id or password.

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Woman catches online dating scam

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