No matchmaking nightfall

How come there is no matchmaking system on Weekly Nightfall Strikes?


For Spoiler Warning in Titles Begin your title with the tag "[Spoiler]". For No matchmaking nightfall in Comments Format your comment like this: Who finally got a PS4? Question Weekly Nightfall Matchmaking self. Are these missions supposed to be solo'd? I've tried multiple times and can't matchmake. There's no built no matchmaking nightfall matchmaking for nightfalls. You need to use an lfg site or find some friends.

This no matchmaking nightfall be where some confusion is coming from. I've played since launch so I know Nightfalls have never had matchmaking, but no matchmaking nightfall new players quickly reading and not seeing the contradicting fine print they might assume there is matchmaking. What contradicting fine nghtfall The bit where it explicitly tells you it does NOT match you with other players?

Notice the boxes highlighting everything? Bunige buggered the website and tagged the No matchmaking nightfall as a nighyfall activity when in reality it is not, as shown with the no matchmaking nightfall "fine print". I called it fine print because it is in the body of the description and most people never read that far, they just look at titles.

Yep I'm an idiot, I didn't realise you were highlighting where it said 'match made' in the higher level description. When i read your comment i expected the small print to have the mistake so thats all i looked at. Great catch on your part. Care to pass on nightfsll your colleagues the Bungie website currently says the nightfall is 'match made'.

They're not supposed to be solo'd but it doesn't have matchmaking for the same reason as raids. You gotta find your own team. That being said, it's still possible to solo them if you want to try. Id do the nightfall every week if it had matchmaking. Got tied of going on lfgs just for no matchmaking nightfall matcumaking activity. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of no matchmaking nightfall User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Destiny NIGHTFALL Matchmaking

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