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I shared my first story on gonewild earlier this week and had a few requests for more. I travel a lot for work and usually end up visiting a particular town off and on craigslist hookup stories tumblr a few months at a time. In my younger days of traveling, it was usually the bar for drinks and a hook-up or finding someone that worked for the company I was consulting with. Jookup the last years, the number of willing bed hoppers has dwindled. Nothing to lose, I sent a pic and some info about me.

In no time we were chatting back and forth by email. Very pretty face, great hair, quite fit but a little curvy, very chesty. I complimented her and made a couple of innuendo type comments that she caught onto and fired back with some fun comments. Before long the chat turned sexual with her telling me all of the complaints about her husband. He was the only guy she had ever been with and they married at craigslist hookup stories tumblr He had always refused to go down on her so she stopped blowing him years back.

He stries ejaculated most of the time and was done within a minute or so. He was a bad kisser. She had a back massager she would use on her clit and would use cucumbers as dildos. I found that VERY hot and told her so. We shared a few X-rated pics that night storles she said when everyone left in the morning she was going to have a marathon masturbation session because she was so turned on.

The next day I get an email around 10am from her with a pic attached that got my attention. It was of thick cucumber buried in her pussy and pussy juice was dripping all over the sheets. I still have this picture! I replied back telling her she was giving me a boner while I was working and that I wish I was a cucumber. She asks if we could meet somewhere in public at lunch time. We made arrangements to meet in a parking lot and we could just chat from our cars.

I think she was very nervous about meeting a guy off craigslist and I was and always have been fine with making sure she was comfortable. We met up and talked for a few minutes. I complimented her that she looked even better in person. She was clearly nervous but I could tell storiws was craigsliwt because she kept biting her lip.

She had on very pretty summer dress that showed her cleavage very nicely. So I followed her into a parking garage and she got into my rental Explorer. It had dark windows and I had pulled in toward a wall so it was fairly private. I always try to get an SUV and that has worked out to my advantage many times! Once she was in and situated, I leaned over and kissed her neck. She let out a moan that told me this was going to be good.

I kissed the other side of her neck and ran my tongue up to her chin then our lips met. It was very passionate and she immediately probed her tongue deep down my throat. I put my hand on her knee and her legs flew apart as craigslist hookup stories tumblr as they could while sitting in a car seat. I knew where she wanted my hand. I give in and start lightly stroking her outer lips. First one side, then the other.

She hunkers down in the seat trying to spread herself open even more. She moans even louder and I kiss down her chest as I run storries soaked middle finger across her clit. She cums in a matter of seconds and quickly grabs my hand to make storoes stop. I pull my hand out from between her legs and rub it on her lips, then kiss her again. It sotries quite good and she moans again and starts rubbing down my craigslust and rubbing my cock through my pants.

Craigslist hookup stories tumblr sit back and she dating spot dhaka me a look that I could tell meant business. She reached over and struggled with my zipper for a second so unzipped and pulled out my half hard cock. She grabbed it and quickly started tonguing the underside of my head and then sucking speed dating events in fort collins the head.

I was hard in no time and she went to work giving me some seriously good head. She may not have given head in years but there hookul nothing rusty about her technique. Easily took half or more of me deep with each stroke and was using her tongue around the head craigslist hookup stories tumblr her way up.

After awhile she started using her hand while sucking and sped up her rhythm to a very craigslist hookup stories tumblr pace. She kept right on with the same rhythm and intensity. I was giving her plenty of verbal cues that I was getting close and told her again it was coming…. I usually cum very big and powerful loads and this was no exception.

She gagged a little but kept stroking and sucking and swallowing until I told her to stop as my cock was getting sensitive. She took craigslish out of her mouth but kept a hold of the base and kept looking at my cock and then looking craigslist hookup stories tumblr at me with a very satisfied expression. She was still squeezing and stroking a little making more cum dribble out.

Every time a little more would come out she would lick it off. I told her that she was amazing and she returned the compliment and asked if she could suck it a little more. I had recovered enough to agree and she slowly and erotically sucked and tongued my cock another couple minutes. She was grabbing my balls and massaging them while sucking until she was sure every drop had come out. This was an expert cock sucker! By this time it was getting late and I had an afternoon meeting to get ready for.

Craigslist hookup stories tumblr leaned over and kissed me some more and suggested we get together the next day for lunch in my room. I agreed and will share that story another time. Want askmen dating conversations submit a story? Craigslist hookup with a preachers wife I shared my first story on gonewild earlier this week and had a few requests for more.

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