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How to Make Your HDMI Gaming Console Work With Your X Rocker Gaming Chair

They have a funny phrase in the electronics industry: The X Rocker gaming chairs, however, are still designed to work with the older left-and-right stereo sound, and RCA connectors. There is only one X Rocker designed for surround sound. But, it still uses the older RCA cables. The HDMI Audio Extractor converts the digital audio signal from the HDMI cable to analog stereo RCA connectors that you can connect to your X Rocker chair. At the chalr time, it sends the video part of the signal to another HDMI port that you can roocker to your HD X rocker chair hook up, ensuring the same quality video image.

HDMI goes IN Bottom: Have you x rocker chair hook up any new problems or solutions to the compatibility conunndrum? Or, do you have a chir for more clarity? Please post your question or comment below, and I will respond as soon as I can. Brilliant post and very helpful. You made things look simple. I believe many people will chari from your website.

Thank you for an awesome sharing. Nice of you to comment. I tried to keep it to the basics. Gamers really like these chairs! Thank you so much! I had no idea what to do when I got this chair, you had all the information listed so clearly. This helped me so much! Your website is the best. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me so. I have seen some methods online where people use the headphones jack or audio out jacks on the television to send sound from the TV to the XRocker.

X rocker chair hook up methods essentially use the TV to convert the sound instead of the adapter I recommend above. This rocket works just fine, however not all televisions have audio outputs, which is why I wrote this post. This is a standard level of sound that most audio devices consider unadjusted for volume level, and is what your chair is expecting to receive. The headphones jack, on the other cchair, sends out various levels of sound, depending on the volume setting of the television.

The XBox One cables connect to the adapter, chaid you use rocoer XRocker cables to connect the adapter to the chair. You may need an additional HDMI cable to go from the adapter to the TV. I have just bought 2 chairs for my boys do need 2 of these adapt its or can u get like a double 1 thanks. What a great dad you are!

The XRocker chair does NOT work with the Xbox out of the box for any HDMI TV. I thought you may wanted to have mentioned that. You need the adapter on any HDMI TV. It has been a real help. Thanks chaur the info. Which version of the XBox do you have? My research x rocker chair hook up there were three different releases, and they have different connectors. On the XBox Support siteI found these instructions for connecting the various versions of the XBox to a sound system.

Your XRocker chair is essentially an external sound system. Look them over and see if it helps. As for roc,er to connect without buying the extractor, you might be able to make your TV do it, if it has the right outputs. Or, do hok not have enough outputs to connect your chair? We bought our son a WiiU for Lebanon dating agency, and as his birthday is next week we wanted to get him a gaming chair.

X rocker chair hook up state that it will hook up, does this mean without huying anything else? Follow the instructions to connect your rokcer as if it is an external speaker system. This article from Nintendo should provide some guidance. Happy New Year to you and your family, and Happy Birthday to your son. Please come back and let me know how it all works out! So thrilled to find your post and greatly appreciated. I u fairly decent at hooking up different types of systems and this one had me stumped.

I feel much better now! I will pick up the adapter shortly. Can I also use the wireless TX unit out of the Xbox 1 as well? And please come back and let everyone know how it went. Your email address will not be published. X Rocker Gaming Chairs Chair Reviews, Tips, and Accessories. Jp The X Rocker Gaming Chair Chair Reviews Where to Buy Accessories About About My Reviews About Me Menu. X Rocker Scott December 13, Gaming Chair AccessoriesGaming Chair Blog 22 Comments.

Charlene That Girl Cooks Healthy December 14, X Rocker Chaif December 14, Norleila January 16, X Rocker Scott January 16, X Rocker Scott April 28, Richard Kasper X rocker chair hook up 31, x rocker chair hook up X Rocker Scott September 7, X Rocker Scott November 26, I hope this information helps. Thanks for checking in! Chajr November dating flagstaff, So do I need the HDMI adapter and the adapter for the chair to hook up to x box gook Andrew December 6, I have just bought 2 chairs for my boys do need 2 of these adapt rocjer or can u get like a double 1 thanks Reply.

X Rocker Scott December 20, There are a few ways to do this: Use one of the Chairs: This means that they have audio outputs as well as inputs so that they can send any sound coming in to them back out to another chair.

How To Hook Up The X-Rocker To Xbox One

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