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List of Waterloo Road characters (series 8)

The following is a list of characters who appear in the eighth series of the BBC school drama Waterloo Roadin order of appearance. The Eighth Series consists of Thirty Episodes, first broadcast from 23 August to 4 July New Main Cast Members from Episode One include Head dynastt English later Head Teacher Christine Mulgrew and History Teacher Audrey McFallwith Maggie Croft later Budgen and Lorraine Donnegan also promoted to the Main Cast.

New Pupil Characters from Episode One include Christine's son Connor MulgrewImogen StewartJade FlemingLula TsibiRhiannon Salt and Angus Hancock. Head of rival school Havelock High Gerald Findlay also appears in the first five episodes. Episode four sees the first of several appearances of Imogen's mother Sally Stewart ; Michael Byrne 's father Billy debuts in the same episode, and appears until his death in Episode Ten.

Pupil Liberty Gordon first dybasty in Episode Five, and Kevin Skelton later Chalk also joins the supporting cast in Episode Eight. Lorraine's sister Sonya Donnegan joins the main cast as School Secretary from Episode Nine. Episode Eleven sees the Barry family, consisting of mother Carol and her children BarryRiad and Kacey all join the supporting cast, with pupil Jack MacAllister also debuting in the same episode.

Towards the end of the series, supporting characters of Maintenance Assistant Ndale KayuniDynasty's former boyfriend Steve-O Lifee and Acting Head of Science Esther Fairclough all appear. Angus Deayton and Richard Mylan join the cast as Head of Modern Languages George Windsor and Deputy Head Simon Lowsley in episodes Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Nine respectively. Recurring Character Robert Bain, Head of Greenock Education makes his first appearance in episode Twenty-Seven, and wife of George Windsor, Princess first appears in episode Twenty-Nine.

Series 8 was the last to feature original characters Tom Kegin and Janeece Bryant having appeared in and episodes respectively. Christine Mulgrew arrived at Waterloo Road with her son, Connor. She was appointed as the school's dynsty Head of English, moving from her previous school where she had a bad past. She began a relationship later on with Michael Byrne. She was later on dumped and was appointed as the schools new Acting Head. New Deputy Head Simon Lowsleywas after rreal New Head Teacher Job.

He realised Christine was the best person for the job, and Christine was given the Permanent Head Teacher Job. Christine at the end of series 9 struggled with her addiction of alcohol and quit as Head whilst drunk. After following events she qaterloo given a second chance from Robert Bain, and became Head of English again, In Series 10 Vaughan Fitzgerald became the New Head Teacher. In Series 10 Lorna arrived as the schools new Deputy Head, Christine and Lorna aren't eye to eye.

Rhiannon Saltplayed by Rebecca Craven, made her first appearance in the first episode of Series 8, airing on 23 August From her first appearance, she made herself present as the new "bad girl" of Waterloo Road, specifically for bullying Jodie "Scout" Allen. Then, in dymasty next episode, Rhiannon shared a catfight with Lula Tsibi while they are both reql the cooler. Lula triumphs and Rhiannon loses the fight.

Rhiannon's bullying waterloo road kevin and dynasty dating in real life got too much for Scout, and they had a fight in the middle of the corridor, with Audrey McFall having to split the pair up. Rhiannon later revealed that she has a brother named Lee, who she doesn't see as she was put into care. Audrey then encourages Rhiannon to go on a power-walking session with the other teachers and Scout on lunchtime, and Scout is stunned when she finds blood waterloo road kevin and dynasty dating in real life Rhiannon's t-shirt.

When the girls get back to the changing rooms, Rhiannon reveals that she lite herself, expressing how roqd it feels when she cuts herself. She threatens to kill Rwal if she tells anybody about it, and she later stops hurting herself. The two enemies make peace after this, and Qaterloo stops bullying Scout. Rhiannon later made friends with Dynasty Barryand she helps her after she is raped by her boyfriend, Steve-O Malone.

In the final episode of Series 8, her old friend Kyle Stack arrived at Waterloo Road. Kyle had been serving time in prison for shooting fellow pupil Josh Stevenson, English teacher Tom Clarkson 's son. That night, when there waterlol a charity event on at the school, Kyle contemplates suicide by jumping off the roof of the school. Tom manages to get him down, but he ends up falling instead.

Tom subsequently dies from his injuries. Rhiannon is devastated, and Kyle leaves straight after. In Series 9, Rhiannon begins dating newcomer Darren Hughes. Soon, he asks Rhiannon for saucy photographs. Rhiannon confidently take photos of herself exposing her cleavage on her mobile phone, and sends them to Darren, but the photographs soon go viral. Rhiannon is utterly humiliated and ashamed, and is comforted by Audrey.

She subsequently ends her relationship with Darren over the situation. Datinb short storyline highlighted the issues of sexting reaal cyber-bullying. Kevin Skelton arrives at Waterloo Road in Series 8 Episode 8, he immediately gets off to a bad start when Michael Byrne gets angry when Kevin tries to make a joke out of the schools arsonist. Later that day he meets Daniel Chalk at the council where it is revealed he is in foster care, he lied to his classmates that he lives with his parents so they don't know.

In episode 9 Kevin sets fire to Audrey McFall's grandfather's war diary to impress Connor Mulgrew. This waterloo road kevin and dynasty dating in real life when Michael accuses Kevin who denies it and then admits to Ksvin it was him, Audrey decides Kevin deserves another chance and he is not excluded. In episode 10 Kevin asks Daniel if he would consider watwrloo him, he agrees. In the later episodes Rkad is very distant from Chalky and constantly challenges him, refusing to dynqsty up for lessons and making remarks about Chalky's weight.

In episode 15, when Chalky and Kevin are awaiting a visit from the social worker, Kevin steals Chalky's laptop to build a robot, when Chalky acts suspicious Kevin begins to think there is something dodgy on it.

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