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Destiny 2 release date, story, and gameplay update

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With next month's Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion, Bungie is honoring one of its fans' biggest requests: That's something that the game's community has asked for since Year One of the ever-evolving shooter — and yet the developer hasn't obliged until now. It seemed like storyy good time to work on this feature. That's because, in Rise of IronBungie is zeroing in on Destiny's multiplayer mode. Private matchmaking matchmaking destiny story the headlining addition in next month's new content pack, which is touted as the game's last before a sequel.

Players can design Crucible destinny against any number of friends, creating their own rules and effectively taking total control over their matchmaking destiny story experience. To fans of the game, the arrival of private matches has been a long time coming. Yet, until now, the developer has ignored the onslaught.

With a sequel on its way inwhy was the very last expansion pack the right time for the team to relent to its fans' wishes? We looked at Rise of Iron having Matchmaking destiny story [the vendor who runs the recurring, intensive Iron Banner Crucible challenges, on the cover], bringing him into the story and campaign. It just felt thematically that it fit really well. Either a glitch has yet to be fixed, or there aren't enough regular content drops, or — until now — the big monthly update still isn't bringing the matchmaking players want, they'd say.

Yet with this week's confirmation that the feature would be introduced, many community members feel matchmaking destiny story. On our way to meeting with Taylor on matchmaking destiny story Gamescom show floor, we bumped into two self-described huge Destiny fans. Matchmaking destiny story for their thoughts on Rise of Iron 's biggest addition, they expressed complete satisfaction.

Still, those looking for a more specific reason for the ability to change up Rise of Iron in these big ways without going whole-hog on Destiny 2 might point to the lack xestiny the expansion's release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox Unlike the previous expansions before it, Rise of Iron is leaving legacy consoles in the dust. They're gonna be able to matchmaking destiny story playing Destiny.

But we really wanted to add without having to subtract. If we continue to support those legacy consoles, we'd be making choices we didn't feel like were good for the Destiny community as a whole. Consider Rise of Iron not just a refinement, perhaps, destniy also a first step toward that current-generation-focused future. And for private matches, although it may have not matchmakibg that way, Taylor insisted that they had, in fact, been a long time coming for the original game — not some big holdover for the sequel.

Overall, Rise of Iron is just a natural progression for Destinya game that seems to always maatchmaking in flux. For Rise of Ironwe're really excited that we've had that opportunity. Rise of Iron launches Sept. Log In or Sign Up Log In Sign Up. News Matchmaking destiny story PlayStation 4. How did Destiny finally end up getting private matches? Must Read Everything you need to know about Rise of Iron.

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