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Based on ratings out of reviews. Compare Appliance Stores Research top Appliance Stores recommendations on ConsumerAffairs. Apparently, my order was cancelled by the delivery company the day after I ordered a refrigerator. They failed to notify me. When we didn't get a call for a delivery time, I called them. That's when they told me the delivery company canceled my order. They couldn't tell me why the order was cancelled because the delivery office was closed.

I ordered from Sears. I remembered the same thing happened 5 years ago and I swore not to use Home Depot for my appliances. I needed a new refrigerator. I went to Home Depot on a Saturday. I talked to a salesman, and he showed the refrigerator to us. He pulled the sticker off the fridge and checked availability and gave me a price.

We went home and came back the next day. A kjt person was working. She dept me the depoy again, got the sticker off the refrigerator, ice maker hookup kit home depot sold us the refrigerator. She set up Friday for delivery. A private crew delivered and removed 2 refrigerators from my kitchen. They were very professional. When they unloaded the refrigerator, it was a cheaper, wrong model. I called to the appliance department and got a hold of yet another lady.

She was very pleasant and said it needed taken care of immediately. She checked into it and came up with that someone had marked the refrigerator wrong. It was still marked wrong. So for at least a week, they, in my opinion, false advertised that refrigerator. I told her I had to go get ice for a cooler for now both my refrigerators were gone out of my kitchen.

One was bad, but another one was fine, but old. She said, "Don't go right now, because I am going to see the manager right now and get it handled. Meanwhile I looked up on their website the correct refrigerator. I waited 15 minutes on hold, and finally got an operator. I asked for the manager. She put me through. I told her again, I wanted to speak to the manager.

She put me through hpme, and again I waited. Finally the manager picked up. I asked him if he talked to the appliance department, and he said he had. I asked, "What are we going to do about this. I asked homee, "How many other people got shafted the same way? He could care less. He said he would have to go to the appliance department and check into it. I said I msker wait while he walked back, because I have been on the phone for over an hour. He said he couldn't go back because he was on the phone with me.

I said, "You must be the only store around that doesn't use cell phones. I was getting madder by the minute. I asked, "What are we going to do. He said I would have to call Home Junkpo for any negotiation. I said I would be going on social media and tell my story. I told him I was calling my lawyer on Monday, and then he said he would have to quit ice maker hookup kit home depot to me in that case. I told him all I wanted was this straightened out.

I said "How long would it take to get my money back"? He said a few days. I never told him I wanted my money back. We hung up and he said he was going back to appliances to check on it. In about ten minutes, he called back. He said, "I was able to process your credit card", and returned my money right away. I told him, "I never asked for my money back", he even agreed.

He wanted out of that sale apparently pretty bad. He was crude, rude, and wrong. I will never buy anything off that democrat socialist store again. I went to Lowe's, got a similar mamer and it was delivered the next day. Don't get jerked around, go to Lowe's. Fridge purchased from Home Depot and is covered by Asurion extended warranty.

It has been broken since March. This is June 9th. The service company has been here 7 times. I have spent countless hours on the phone and many days at home waiting for service. Huge amounts of food have been ice maker hookup kit home depot away. Everything goes bad in a few days. The Asurion service is very bad.

Do NOT buy this. On Monday, June 5, I bought a GE refrigerator at my local Home Depot. It was promised for delivery the following Friday, and I made it clear to the sales associate that I was buying this particular model because it was verified to be immediately available for delivery. The afternoon before delivery I received an automated voicemail that delivery had been rescheduled two weeks later on June 23, with absolutely no explanation.

I followed the link in the voicemail and went to the website, but there was no explanation there. Called the local Home Depot and after a long delay reached someone in appliances. She explained that she was covering for other people and knew nothing about appliances. I was elevated to a manager who took the information but seemed to know little to nothing about Home Depot's delivery contractor, and explained that the eepot were fulfilled from manufacturer's stock and not from HD inventory.

I then phoned the number he gave me for appliance delivery and got Msker. That number is totally automated and there were no menu selections that fit my problem. Don't be lured de;ot by the aggressive Home Depot appliance sales, such as Memorial Day, because nobody knows anything. They cannot fill orders, and I am now in a very bad situation because I will be out of the country at ice maker hookup kit home depot time the delivery is scheduled, not returning for many months.

This is extremely disappointing. Never, ever again will I buy an appliance at HD, and I will advise all of my contacts to avoid them for this reason. Reading other reviews, I now see that this is a very common problem. Very sad that nobody at the store cares or ddepot properly trained. On May 14, I went to The Home Depot and purchased Whirlpool Model WTWW2. On or around May 31st I started to notice black spots appearing on my clothes. Only thing new in this whole equation was the washer.

The first item of clothing was otome dating games pc of much value and was a around the house item of clothing, so I shrugged it off. Then I noticed that it was still doing it to another load of laundry. I called directly to the store and was told I had to call Whirlpool to set up an appointment.

When I called there was no Saturday appointments available.


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