Dating a frenchman

How to Date a French Man

Dating a Frenchman can become a foreign affair to remember

Look at his waist- if you see a distinctive lack of beer belly, you are frencgman a right track. French guys like to keep themselves slim. They are not into beefing up but will do jogging, boxing or swimming- all in the name of being slender. Hello well cut jackets! French boys tend to be chic in a nonchalant sort of way and seem to be allergic to frumpy clothes. Just sit back and relax. Have you ever seen a trap chasing a mouse? They are brought up this way.

On our second date I came straight from court. The French was fascinated, asking lots of questions, wanting to know what I said and what the judge said and what I said in reply… which was daying nice change because normally people find it extremely boring so the only person you can talk to about your day in court is another lawyer. My point is- he saw me frenchmna a court case as synonymous with confidence.

It worked a charm. General air of mystery- the more he kept asking the more I refused to open my cupboard to let the skeletons fall out. It kept him on his toes- and still does. Save it for your BBF. People mindlessly cramming food into their mouth give him creeps. There are three meals in a day. Dinner in three hours? No problem, he will wait.

You know, all that stuff about leaving an appropriate time before a date and a follow up call that we in Britain tend to ffrenchman religiously. The French and I met on Wednesday. We kissed on Friday. If frenchmwn else fails, ask him about France. He is truly convinced that France is the greatest country in Europe and can talk about it for hours on end. If you know history- all the better for you. Education system in France places dating a frenchman importance on history lessons so chances are he will remember a lot of it.

If you are a Pole like me, just say a magic word- Napoleon. We are currently on our fifth year of discussing the First Empire. Forget about grabbing a chocolate bar on the go. The Frenchman will have a breakfast, leave his office for lunch and race home to have a dinner when his British colleagues go to the pub for a pint and a packet of crisps.

Lunch was discussed at 11 and consumed before we set sail. As soon as we boarded the boat, the Frenchmen found an onboard restaurant so they could plan an evening meal…. French boys tend aa be very persistent when it comes to matter of heart. Champagne Girls About Town. HOME FASHION WINES BEAUTY LIFESTYLE ABOUT US. Cheekbones are often part of the package. They just make them like this way. How to woo him: What does he like: As soon as we boarded the boat, the Frenchmen found an onboard restaurant so they could plan an evening meal… Dating a frenchman to break up with him: How to marry him: Do you have any experience with dating a Dating a frenchman Share it with us!

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