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Is it ok to go out with a patient?

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Latest Articles Schools Conferences. Help Select June Caption Contest Winner!! Can I legally date a patient after she has been discharged from the psychiatric hospital in which I work? I cared for each of dating a patient after discharge patients under my care equally - she and I seemed to hit it off instantly, though.

Would Discyarge be breaching confidentiality laws or the code of ethics by seeing her outside of the hospital now that she has been discharged? Nov 12, '14 by SionainnRN. It would be a huge ethical breach to date her. First you were part of her healthcare team, second it was a psych facility so she is part of a vulnerable population which makes it even worse. You cannot date her. You shouldn't even have contact with her. If she was just released speed dating leeds students an inpatient psych facility she has enough on her plate and needs to focus on getting her life back on track, not on getting a new boyfriend.

Think about what is best for her. Nov 12, '14 by Guy in BabylandBSN, RN. I would say that dating a patient after discharge be dischrge huge No-no. If you had met her on the street and in the course of conversation you mentioned your job and she mentioned her inpatient stay, maybe. But like the PP stated she has a lot to deal with right now and does not need to complicate things with a romantic xfter with one of her caretakers.

Nov 12, '14 by Davey DoADN, ASN, CNA, LPN, RN, EMT-B, EMT-I Guide. First, thepsychtech, I applaud your action of gaining data before rushing head strong into an Unethical situation that involves matters of the heart. We Guys often don't use our big head for thinking. Next, I have to concur with Sionainn and Don HOWEVER, in our system, a personal relationship between an Employee and FORMER Patient can take place after 6 months of being discharged.

It dating a patient after discharge behoove you to check with your Employer's Human Resource Dept. And if you don't want to turn your life into a Daytime Soap Opera, remember this: And, hey, don't be a dischzrge Last edit by Davey Do on Nov 12, ' Nov 12, '14 by ICUman, RN. A boyfriend might be the antidote she has been seeking. Quote from ICUman Go for it. Often times mental illness can stem from underlying needs not being properly met. The affection and love of a significant other can greatly alleviate the aftrr one is having.

What I consider horrible advice, is acting like you're a know it all, and telling other posters they are wrong for providing different viewpoints. Quote from ICUman What I consider horrible advice, is acting like you're a know it all, and telling other posters they are wrong for providing different viewpoints.

Nov 12, '14 by liberated I can see how this one ends, just remember when you're litigating in divorce court; "you picked her! Quote from ICUman Often times mental illness discjarge stem from underlying needs not being properly met. Dischage 12, '14 by Kcwestportboy. Here is my point of view We as healthcare professionals have to have a line we don't cross no matter what it is or where its drawn For some people they won't even hug a patient or rub a patients back where others will My mother also in the healthcare field said that the biggest way to burn out is to be too involved with your patients.

Nov 12, '14 by Stephalump, RN. How would you connect with her after discharge without acting unprofessionally? Getting "digits" from a patient is unethical and surely straight up against the rules. You'd be using your position of power to initiate a relationship. You'd be taking the professional relationship to an unprofessional level. Or would you dig through her chart to find her info? Surely you can see why that wouldn't be allowed, either. So I'd say that, no matter what, it's a bad a idea.

But unless she hunts YOU down after the usual waiting period required, it's an even worse idea. Don't abide your power. You'll meet people you connect with. But you aren't there to date. You're there to help vulnerable people. Nov discyarge, '14 by afterseason, ASN, RN. At my facility, there is a 2 year period that must pass before an outside relationship is considered legally okay. However, even then, HR has made it VERY clear that no matter the time-frame, dating a former patient would be HIGHLY frowned upon by the facility.

You need to check with your own company policies. That qfter said, I think this is a bad idea. And as others have said, this girl clearly has other, more important issues to deal with. If you actually care for her, you'll do what's in her best interest. Must Read Topics 4 New Grad Psych Nurse. The only one you'll ever need. Welcome to allnurses How To Submit Article Dating a patient after discharge Membership World Nursing Boards of Nursing Press Room.

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