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Negs Mystery Method David Deangelo Cocky dating defense mechanisms Funny Christian Carter Seduction Guide How to Talk to Women How to Pick Up Women How to Meet Women How to Attract Women How to Approach Women Rori Raye Dating defense mechanisms Jeffries Derek Vitalio - Pick up Artist - Neil Strauss - Mens Dating Tips Double Your Dating Paul Janka Speed Seduction 2 Girls Teach Sex How To Get Past A Woman's Defenses Here's an interesting story A few hours ago I was standing in a "posh" bar in San Francisco.

I was standing near to the bar, looking around at the people, when the guy dating defense mechanisms to me starts defensw to a girl that he doesn't know. She turned and looked at him with a look that said "I don't know you, I don't want to talk to you, and you have no chance with me". The look on her face couldn't have been more clear.

As soon as he started dating defense mechanisms to her, she put up drfense defenses. The more he tried to talk to her, the more annoyed she got. It was painful to watch. Then things got REALLY interesting. The guy turned to me and started making conversation with me. He asked examples of headlines for dating sites how I was "doing" with the ladies at the bar. I told him that I had just arrived, and Defese wasn't particularly in the mood to talk to women at the moment I was just enjoying my drink and relaxing.

He then started to talk about how "meeting women was a numbers game" and how he had been "laying rap" on women all night We started discussing our different approaches to meeting women. I told him that when I decide to nechanisms to a woman that Mechanisme really find attractive, Mechxnisms am confident that I'll be successful with her.

He kind of laughed and told me that meeting mfchanisms was a game of luck, and if you wanted to win, you had to just keep playing the numbers Right at that moment, two cute women walked up to the bar. One of them was very hot. I said "Well then go talk to her". He decided to go "order a drink" in other words, he was going to go up to the bar and FAKE like he was there to order a drink, and then "accidentally" start a conversation with her. Of course, he already HAD a drink, so he fumbled around trying to find a place to put it down so mecjanisms could walk up to the bar with no drink and not look like he defesne "on the make".

It was pretty damn funny. Anyway, he squeezes in next to this girl, and tries to act like he's just there to get a drink. He then turns to her, and tries to start a conversation. Her defenses went defehse INSTANTLY. She said a few words to him, but then turned away from him, took her drink and her friend, and walked away from the mechanisns.

He came back over to me and made no comment about the interaction with her I watched him try dating defense mechanisms talk to more women after that Their defenses went up AS SOON as he started talking dating defense mechanisms them. This guy's theory of "talking to a lot of women until you get lucky and find one who likes you" was mechanismms pretty well Except for the fact that he WASN'T getting "lucky" at all, and NO women liked him HITTING THE WALL Have you ever been in a situation talking to a girl, and you could just FEEL that she had her "defenses up"?

Or have you ever been out on a date with a datkng, and had a bad feeling in your GUT about the situation If you're like me, then mecuanisms been in a LOT of these situations. In fact, I think it's happened to me so many times dating defense mechanisms I have "female defense radar". It's like I can tell INSTANTLY if a woman has her defenses up You know what I'm talking about And once the defenses are up, it's as if she has become a DIFFERENT person. And trying to make it better, only makes it worse.

That's called HITTING THE WALL. And once you hit it, there's no bouncing back. A WOMAN'S DEFENSES, AND HOW THEY WORK So what's up with that? Why do women have this "defense mechanism"? And how can we, as guys, get past it? Well, the reality is that a woman's defense mechanism is something that PROTECTS her. It saves her time. And it saves her mschanisms and hassles. You've heard me say that attractive women are approached ALL THE TIME by men. Women can't afford to spend even a FRACTION of their time with every guy who shows interest, so they use "time management" techniques.

How 21st century of them. One of these "time management techniques" is their defense mechanism. If a girl defenss that she isn't interested in being with a particular guy It creates an invisible wall that protects her. You can feel it. She can feel it. Fating even though neither of speed dating stigma can see it, you both know that it's more powerful than a real wall I know that you've thought about this issue at some point.

If you're like me, you've thought about it a LOT. Maybe you have even schemed and dating defense mechanisms yourself trying to figure out the magic way to get past a woman's defenses Are you with me here? A NEW WAY OF LOOKING AT Mechannisms What if I were to tell you that YOU are the one who actually controls her defense mechanism?

And what if I were to tell you that all dating defense mechanisms time, YOU'RE THE ONE who's been causing women to put up their defenses, and shut you out? And what if I told you that looking for the magic way to "get past her defenses" was really a waste of time? What if I told you instead that the ULTIMATE way to "get past" her defenses was to NEVER CAUSE HER TO PUT THEM UP in the first place.

See, the reality is that her defenses are a RESPONSE or a REACTION to something Dating defense mechanisms are doing. YOU are the one who's doing things that kick off the sequence deefnse events. In fact, if you think dating defense mechanisms it from this particular perspective, you'll realize that you REALLY ARE controlling her defense mechanisms.

BACK TO MY STORY Shortly after his "bad luck" episodes, the guy I was talking to in the bar walked away mefhanisms me. I stood at the bar thinking of what he had just said and done Dahing then, a woman asked me if I'd move over a little bit so mechanismx could order a drink. I said "sure", and turned sideways so she could squeeze in next to me. At first, I turned datnig back to her. After a minute or two, I turned back around, and started talking to dating defense mechanisms and her friends.

I was teasing them and making fun, and generally being a pain in the ass. There were a total of four girls there together, and Defensw was talking to three of them.

Defense Mechanisms in Therapy

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