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Success Stories, Horror Stories, The Do's succsss Don'ts. I want to hear them all! I had a tinderdate over for the evening. We talked for a couple of hours, drank some wine, watched a movie and we had sex. Then things went a little downhill We layed in bed and suddenly it looked succeess she was about to black out so I helped tinder hookup success sit right up and asked if I could help her, get her some water and stuff. But she didn't speak a word.

She just sat there with her her hands in her hair for a couple of minutes and then puked all over my sheets. At this point I wanted to get her to the shower asap but she was just stunned or something. I didn't know what to do. After a couple minutes I finally convinced her to get up and brought her to the shower so she could clean herself while I could clean the sheets and all that. Every 5 min I checked on her if she was okay but she would just sit on the floor with the shower running and wouldn't talk.

It was all very awkward. After 20 min or so I brought her a towel and some clothes and we sat on the edge of my bed and she told me that she was born without a womb. She cried, i calmed her down and we finally went to sleep without succrss blanket or sheets, i didn't have spare ones in my studentapartment the next day matchmaking failed to connect to match made breakfast and she hkokup home.

Weirdest "date" I ever had. That sir was a great story. I'm sorry hookul you had to go through that but I guess if you were to have another tinder date with someone you might want to make sure to have extra sheets. My roommate has a cat, and on that day my catbro betrayed me. She loved him, took him to my bedroom. After 20mins of what I assume tinder hookup success very personal petting she left. Met a dude on Tinder, we had good chemistry within the app, so we graduated to texting.

He initiated some dirty talk. Hook up power switch to motherboard love that shit so I tinrer why not? I'll probably never meet this guy in real life. Welp, after some great sexting we decided tinder hookup success meet up the next night. We went to a bar near my place that had a great hlokup atmosphere, good music etc. We chatted for about 2 hours, good conversation! I took him home, and the tinder hookup success was awesome.

Mid-bang, while I'm on top, he gets all intense and tells me to look into his eyes. He said "ya know, just take it slow though. Anyway, he apologized later and said he gets carried away sometimes. No worries on my part. Tinder hookup success had sex in the morning, and then another couple times after that over the next few weeks. Conversation got a little dull though. Oh well, on to the next one!

I tinder hookup success been using Tinder sporadically for a few weeks. I have had a decent amount of tinder hookup success and some conversations but nothing really ever happened until last night See the match, give it a few hours before responding. I was reading the askreddit about hilarious pickup lines about a week ago so I decide to open with a really stupid pickup line and she instantly makes it slightly sexual.

I respond keeping it sexual and playful. She suuccess to hang out but mother nature is making her wait. We exchange numbers and start texting. I sext her the dirtiest things my cracked cell phone screen has ever seen. Tnider go for the naked picture text and from then on the naked snap chats tibder regularly. Tider goes on for six days until we have time to meet and mother nature runs her course.

We set a time for her to finally come over to my place. Open the door tinded instantly start making out before saying anything. We quickly make our way to the bedroom and have the most sex I have ever had in a 4 hour period. I have a much worse Tinder date! A guy kept messaging me on Tinder - he was 28, in DC, Pakistani, and pretty cute. I agreed to meet up with him after a class at a local brewery.

When I got there, I suuccess we'd share a drink each -- he then offered to split abottle of red wine. After getting pretty tipsy, we got another and started making out. He was soon too drunk to drive home, so I told him he could sleep on an inflatable mattress in my apartment, which mind you, is carpeted. He comes back, succesd into my bed, and then starts to throw up on the side. I push him out of the bed, and he runs and starts throwing up - red wine- in another large area, and vomits across the living room on my beig ecarpet.

He barely makes it into the bathroom. At this point, it's 3 a. The next morning, I woke up and realized the floors had large bleach stains due to the red wine vomit. The guy first claimed he would pay of the costs, then later retracted -- blaming me for cleaning it with smething with bleach. Originally, the guy, yousuf, claimed he'd pay for hopkup of it, and now he's refusing to-- So, I'm not sure if I'll go on Tinder again. I have been on tlnder with a guy who ttinder to his date all sweaty, dressed in his construction lumberjack clothes Then another date showed up sick, sneezing.

These two gentlemen proved to me if someone really wants siccess be there, they will. I am burnt out from tindeer fades and I think you should just move on, unless he has a really legitimate excuse like running to the ER to visit a friend or HE ended up there. I just experienced my firsr tinder hookup last night. And it was a really fun experience. I matched this guy the day before, he didnt message first so I went with the go ahead.

His hkokup was definitely asking for a hookup for hookpu night, turns out hes from the area but was only visiting and had to fly back home for work the next morning. We had good chemistry messaging in tinder for a couple hours and he asked again, if I wanted to meet up for some fun before he left. Well after checking facts on his fb and msking sure he wasnt a creep I finally said ok. We were originally going to meet at a public 24 success resturant and go from there, mind you its like 3 am in the morning and tinder hookup success xuccess been talkinf since about midnight.

And I just decided to go with it, gave him my adress and 20 minutes later he was at my door. Well within 10 minutes we were having Amazing sex and some good conversation for the next tinder hookup success hours. Them he left, because he really did have a flight to catch in just a couple hours. Anyway hes in thr area often so Suvcess imagine its not the last time ill be seeing him.

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