Chanyeol dating scandal

An ex exo-sasaeng told me about exo (and others) dating rumors, gay idols rumors etc (source unverified)

Netizens collect evidence of Chanyeol and Joy’s relationship

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With 1 chapters, 14 subscribers, views. Foreword 1 Episode chanyeol dating scandal Scandal 2 Chanyeol dating scandal 2: Meeting the des 3 Episode 3: Beaten 4 Episode 4: Hospital cloth 5 Episode 5: Beach party 6 Episode 6: Beach night 7 Episode 7: Vacation and o 8 Episode 8: Real scandal 9 Episode 9: Old friend 10 Episode Real Jealousy 11 Episode Truth or dare 12 Episode Photoshoots a 13 Savior 14 Episode Terms of Use Privacy Policy Content Guidelines.

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