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30 Days of Online Dating: eHarmony Is for Grownups

Based on ratings out of 1, reviews. Any woman over the age of 50 should steer clear of eHarmony. The site is full of scammers. The site's screening is nonexistent and password protection would appear to be so as well and scammers seem to be especially keen on older women of faith. I have been a subscriber to your service for almost a year now, and I must tell you that I cannot in good conscience recommend your service.

In fact, I would strongly urge anyone, especially women in their fifties, to avoid eHarmony. Your problems with security are egregious, sending a clear message to your subscribers: I spent 25 years overseas, and if there's one thing I can recognize in a heartbeat, it's a second language speaker. Maybe they are actually targeting anyone and everyone rating older women have historically been a favorite target because of savings, retirement accounts, and divorce eharmony online dating.

When I have matches that come up eharmoony names like "Believer" Seriously? In addition, every time I log in, my computer lets me know that my password is going over a non-secure connection and is vulnerable. When you consider how many people re-use their passwords, you are an open door to scam artists. It's no wonder your site is flooded. I have emailed you multiple times to let you know of suspicious matches to the extent that I just don't bother anymore.

Any service with any integrity would have taken eharmony online dating long before now. Even a casual internet eharmony online dating reveals that password breaches and trolling have been problems for years with eHarmony. I just wish that I had done more eharmony online dating before joining for two years. For all eharmony online dating company's slick media campaigns, your site does not deliver on its promises.

Rather it is a dangerous place for vulnerable men and women. And my guess would be that you are looking at a class action suit sometime down the road. Their system is old. They have eharmony online dating few "real" matches for you. If they match you - it's with ridiculous people. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I got lots of fake profiles. I was able eharmony online dating figure out by reading eharmony online dating profile, or just eharmony online dating a search on their photos.

Why doesn't eHarmony do that? Because they either can't or won't. It's about your money. Other sites are much better, trust me on that. The odds of meeting someone here are astronomical. Spend your money on a lottery ticket instead, if you win - the matches will flock to you. I have found that most of the men who contact me have the same story. They beloved wife died and their only child was tragically killed or lives overseas. These men claim to be well to do, and they work from home.

There is no way to verify or trace them. They all claim to be honest, loving and eharmony online dating hurt in the past and have so much love to give. They are so full or flowery compliments and talk way too much about feelings and how they are the perfect man. The first thing they tell you is that their subscription is finished today, so they find onlinne way to give you their email address to try and get you off site, and only then do they send you pictures which are fake. And the rest of the men are usually halfway across the country or in the USA.

I find eHarmony to be way eharmony online dating expensive and definitely not worth any amount. Stick to POF or another ehaarmony, stay away from this one. I wish I had read of reviews before they scammed me into joining this site. I was on eHarmony for almost a year. I kept getting matches with men who were NOT in the same COUNTRY. I discontinued my search because there were hardly responses and there was no one near me!

When I closed my account because of no luck, they REFUSED to refund me. I complained many times but eharmony online dating took my money and ran. Dting had no matches in my country. I would NOT recommend eHarmony. One of the worst daring and customer service is next to non-existent. And I'm still single. I thought this site would be eharmony online dating than the other sites. My experience is the same eharmony online dating other reviews.

I don't want to search globally. I want to find someone at least in California or neighboring states. I'm not looking to relocate my life. I paid for this dating site and found out afterwards that there are more fees for other things. That makes no sense. Also, only got 1 email return and was told that he does not pay for the site, so would rather chat through email. So I'm guessing most people are smart and don't pay for these sites.

Profiles seem to be fake and people are not honest. What a rip off. I'm in for 3 months. I'll just wait it out. How do I know I can trust these reviews about eHarmony. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Too little time to review and cancel account - but of course eHarmony knows this. I bought a six-month subscription and gave it two weeks only ehramony realize it was a horrible service.

It is obvious after a few days that they do not have a sufficiently populated client base to deliver acceptable matches, as implied. Oh sure, for the first 3 days their cancellation period you're getting eharmony online dating of matches! Eharmony online dating they very quickly die eharmpny. This company is run by crooks!! I would like eharmony online dating say that I datimg very dissatisfied with eHarmony's web service, but that would be inaccurate.

This was the second time I bought into their alleged relationship and matchmaking experts sham. The first time I purchased the service and created my profile, I DID have the eharmony online dating to meet someone from the site brieflyso idiotically, Eharmpny ignored the warning signs and red flags that were already present. Two months ago, after receiving CONSTANT email updates from eHarmony, indicating that sooo many ladies had sent messages and smiles to me while I was gone, I decided to reactivate my account again.

It didn't take long for me to realize that most of the messages I had received were from deleted or eharmony online dating accounts. Still, being the honorable boy scout I have always strived to be, I decided to send "Hi there" messages and smiley faces to nearly a hundred of my "perfect matches" according to eharmony's alleged in depth analysis. The results were, I had virtually zero responses! They almost literally quoted eHarmony's catch phrases onlnie for word.

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