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Meet Seniors From Cape Cod

I love the Cape; there are very few other places I'd rather live. But when it comes to being single on Cape Cod, my reviews aren't quite so glowing. I think there are like I exaggera te slightly but because I "hang" at the same general places; I see the same 12 guys over and over. I justify not dating them by saying: Follow my math here That group of 12 guys I told you about!

But dating sites cape cod, if you are single and interested in meeting new people, the key is to get involved in a l ot of activities outside of your comfort zone. To help you do that, Marty and I will be writing about a wide variety of singles activities around the Cape. So how do you handle being single on Cape Cod? Oh your friend is so right and those are the exact words I have used many times to describe dating and the Cape.

Just this morning I was in Boston and the pickin's there look way way better then down here. I am single, 41 yrs old and decided I would love to live on Cape Cod, so I did a little search. I am disheartened that there are only 12 single dating sites cape cod out there! They would be new hook up tonight apk me though, so that could be a bonus!

You you be interested in forming a single woman's group? We could explore and search the cape together I am also in agreement with you. I have proberly dated the same 12!!!! Recently moved here to find peace, love and my new best friend, I am very dissapointed How dating sites cape cod forming a woman's group and go scouting together If interested contact me at judithann.

I'm sure if you actually looked up the ratio of men to women it would be more like male heavy or even Can't argue with the statement that most of them aren't prizes though lol. Places like south florida, where the ratio is drastically in favor of men, are rife wife plastic surgery, bleach blonde hair and Mtv video like women.

Around here most women look like Tom Petty. That should tell you something about competition dating sites cape cod for women around here. My recommendation is to find different places to hang out and don't look for guys at bars unless you're looking for weekend warrior college guys who just want to get laid or drunken fisherman who just want someone else to clean their underwear lol. Actually Matt, when I wrote that in I used the most recent census figures available for Cape Cod.

That being said, the piece was written in humor - something that is in short supply and would be a serious requirement for me if I was looking for a significant other. And just as a FYI, not one of my girlfriends looks like Tom Petty. Perhaps you need to hang in some new places? We'd love your comments about this post!

Thursday, May 21, Sex and the Country. Posted by Susie at 6: Cape Cod insiders infoCape Cod Singlescape cod undergrounddating on Cape Cod. Jennifer August 28, at 3: Heather Layton July 3, at 3: Anonymous March 8, at Matthew Wester May 25, at Susie May 25, at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home. We have a well-researched updated for " Gluten Free on Cape Cod " list of restaurants and markets. It is currently 18 pages long with clickable links dating sites cape cod restaurant websites and has some personal tips for each restaurant.

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