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I know that there are matchmaking sites all over. Would or do dating sites based strictly on astrology work better than t. Would or do dating sites based strictly on astrology work better than the typical chinese zodiac dating sites Astrology is a predictor of compatibility not necessarily timing unless it is more complicated form. So you may meet more people you are compatible with especially if you are both into astrology but it would not determine their emotional availability and readiness.

My assumption is they would only compare sun signs and nothing else but I have no idea. I didn't even know such a thing existed. Yes they do exist. I ran across a couple of them while searching for different astrology websites. I dont use dating sites. I think they are used too much by players and sex addicts.

I think meeting people by chance is the way to go. I was just curious about it. No chance involved when you just toss em over your shoulder and carry them girls off. It would pretty much HAVE to be based off just basic Sun Signs, anything else would be HUGELY complicated. And there are far too many "variances" other placements, esp in Astrology for me to believe that this would work any better than any "traditional" dating site.

I'm a Pisces and "supposed" to chinese zodiac dating sites well with Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, and Caps - and incompatible with Virgos. I adore Pisces, but doubt I'd want to date someone SO much like me Scorps, yes, I do really vibe with them I can't mesh with them at all, not in my vast experiences with them. It would be the exception, not the rule. And I'm extremely compatible with my opposite, Virgos. And MUCH more romantically compatible with Libras several times than "traditional" astrology says I "should" be, and Sags for friendship.

And even if it showed me those matches, chances are someone on an Astro-based dating site would see that I'm a Pisces and shy away from me But then again, I have my own stubborn ideas based on my experiences and it's hard for me to picture myself chinese zodiac dating sites a Sag guy, or another Gemini or Leo, much less chinese zodiac dating sites Cancer or a Cap!

I'd be called Defendant within a couple years LOL. Chinese zodiac dating sites to be a myth buster okay not really but men didn't drag women off in the cave man days. In most hunter gatherer societies, the lady in question would simply go to the man's fire and if he didn't say anything, they were considered married. Such a simpler time And there are women who dig being drug off.

Never drag them by there feet always by there hair this way they won't fill up with rocks. Posted by james tate Never drag them by there feet always by there hair this way they won't fill up with rocks. I spit my coffee out. There are certain connections in charts when they are crossed that are karmic connectors, and in my experience every time I see those planetary connections in the chart there is chinese zodiac dating sites some type of love connection.

I have also had clients who became partners with the same sex though their whole life they were heterosexual and were still not attracted to the same sex, but only to the person they were with The attraction was so strong they just had to be together even though it was not thoroughly understood. Just my two cents. I'm not sure I believe one specific placement will cause cheating.

However, Ive read over and over this placement is known for infidelity. Do you have this placement? Have you been unfaithful? Road Rage or Hate Crime. A black 18 year old girl gets shot in the head as chinese zodiac dating sites and a red truck are trying to merge onto a one lane road. Would that white pickup driver shot her if she was white?? I think this is definitely a hate crime https: Recent Topics Britney sings live for the first time in a decade Read my chart dating eharmony new rising people mistake me for a colombian hitman.

Britney sings live for the first time in a decade. Can anyone do a reading.? I m still friends with my ex. Does he want more than just being friends? Or its just friendship between him and me? I would appreciate if anyone can. Her venus is capri. Sooo i was in a secret emotionsl affair relationship with a venus in cap girl.

We had a affair and mister morgue and asia ray dating really liked her never had sex but we. Do taurus men have agressive tendencies?? As a taurus woman,I've notice that taurus men are chinese zodiac dating sites calm but they deep inside have a really aggressive strike,kinda dangerous in a way. When they are mad at you,they are so strong about chinese zodiac dating sites it feels like they might even beat you.

I know am maybe. Your Dealbreakers for The Booty Call. So, I'm curious to know chinese zodiac dating sites would you guy's definite nos for the horizontal mambo? No peeing or defacting of any kind, No cutting - I briefly dated a aqua virg moon who chinese zodiac dating sites into cutting body parts before sex. Soon as I knew that. For some reason, I feel like if I have a glass of wine, that Chinese zodiac dating sites will feel shame.

I get this almost sickness in my tummy when I think of un-doing the not drinking thing. Although I have no. Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra. How Far Will You Go? I haven't posted on DXP in a very long time, but when I did I really valued the feedback I received from Scorpios.

I need to know something about Scorpio jealousy.

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