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Surface exposure dating

Please note that Internet Explorer version 8. Please refer to this cosmogenic isotope exposure dating post for more information. These two mean values cosmogenic isotope exposure dating from different 36 Cl production rates used for exposure age calculation. The former age, although implying early deglaciation for this area of the British ice sheet, is not incompatible with minimum deglaciation ages from other contexts and locations in northwest England.

However, the latter age is more consistent with the same minimum deglaciation ages and exposude evidence for ice-free conditions in parts of the northern sector of the Irish Sea. Within uncertainties, the younger of the mean ages from Norber may indicate that boulder emplacement datng associated with North Atlantic Heinrich event 1. Cosmogenuc limited datin downvalley extent of cosmogenic isotope exposure dating Norber boulders implies that at the time of their deposition the ice margin was coincident with the distal margin of the erratic train.

Loss of ice cover at Norber was followed by persistent stadial conditions until the abrupt opening of the Lateglacial Interstadial when large carnivorous mammals colonised the area. We are sorry to record that shortly after this paper was accepted for publication, Peter J. Vincent, the lead author, died suddenly in December Peter was an innovative researcher whose considerable insights made this particular work possible. He had a deep and passionate interest in the karst landscapes of northern Britain and published numerous papers detailing their origins and significance.

Tom Lord and Peter Wilson co-authors wish to acknowledge the enthusiasm of their friend and colleague for Quaternary research and his stimulating company during the course of many field days. Journals Books Cosmogenic isotope exposure dating Sign in Expozure. JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use all the features on this page. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association VolumeIssue 1, Pages Cosmogenic isotope 36 Cl surface exposure dating of the Norber erratics, Yorkshire Dales: Further constraints on the timing of the LGM deglaciation in Britain.

Author links open the author workspace. Numbers and letters correspond to the affiliation list. Click to expose these in author workspace 1. Click to expose these in author workspace. Click to expose these in author workspace Opens the author workspace Opens the author workspace. Click to cosmogenic isotope exposure dating these in author workspace d. Click to expose these in author workspace a Formerly Department of Geography, University of Lancaster, Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK b Environmental Sciences Research Institute, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Co.

Londonderry BT52 1SA, UK c Lower Winskill, Langcliffe, Settle BD24 9PZ, UK d Centre for North-West Regional Studies, University of Lancaster, Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK e NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Facility, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, Rankine Epxosure, East Kilbride, G75 0QF, UK f Isotopw Laboratory, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, Rankine Avenue, East Kilbride, G75 0QF, UK.

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