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Kind of gets in the way of productive learning not that I mind! So, following on from that last question, what are your thoughts on med students dating young doctors? However, to take your question a little more seriously, I do know of a couple of medical students that dated their registrars—in fact, I know a dating a med student tumblr student engaged to one of the registrars. Some of my most memorable conversations with my friends in med school have been discussing good looking doctors.

Many doctors marry doctors, after all, so maybe this is fate? Also, I have assumed McDreamy to be male for the sake of consistency. My apologies if I have the gender wrong—this advice applies to all genders. MY LIFE AS A MED STUDENT Once a medical student, now a baby doctor. Blogging about the ups and downs of being an intern, dating a med student tumblr to yumblr it through, and all my awkward moments -- there's bound to be plenty of those.

Contact me on twitter, facebook, or drop me a message in my studeht. Shonda Rhimes has a lot of explaining to do.

Med School: Relationships

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