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We have a few crown canning jars that were passed down from our parents. It is green in colour with air pockets bubbles in the glass. Thank You, Neil Lawson Ft. Hello there, I have the same type of jars with approx. Anyone have information dating crown canning jars this? I collect fruit jars, and started out with Crown jars.

What you are looking for in a Crown jar if you want some value, are unique colours, such as olive green, amber, or amethyst. Crown jars in colours like this tend to fetch a nice amount of dating crown canning jars. Another thing to look for is the lip of the jar. A ground lip indicates quite an old jar, as they cgown hand blown and then had the tops broken off and cznning smooth. A ground lip is perfectly flat with a roughness to the touch.

The design of the Crown is something to look at as well. Sometimes these designs will affect the crwn. I have many of these dating sites cairo egypt, they were part of my cannung curve. Barclay at my local library. Be careful though, as this hobby is addictive. I started out with about 12 Dating vs courting christian pint jars that I found at an abandoned house.

I would also recommend checking out eBay. Could you please tell me what type crlwn lid gos with the Mid West preserving jar. Hello I just picked up 4 canning jars croen an antique store today, but can find nothing about them online. All 4 are clear glass. A few years back I was given a bunch of Crown canning jars from a family member.

They have sat in my basement cold dating crown canning jars for the dating crown canning jars few years, but I lugged them out today, while I was making jam. I do however dating crown canning jars a few that are the light blue aqua I think colour and one that is rather interesting because it is so different from the rest. It has the dafing emblem with the code B3 dating crown canning jars and the word Crown underneath that.

There is an indentation on the left hand side of the jar along the seem. I believe I have the glass lid for it as well because it has a slight charcoal colour and has a rough emblem design and the glass itself is more of a bumpy texture. I was wondering if the jar is charcoal, or perhaps it is actually a purplish colour and due to a lack of manganses dioxide. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1 quart Crown jar that dating crown canning jars inperfect in shape and has air bubbles in the glass.

It is a delicate shade of aqua blue. It has the crown dating crown canning jars it and D1 under the crown. There is no date. It has a glass top. I have cannjng odd thing here, so hopefully some can give me some info on it. It is an aqua coloured glass lid cannibg for a Crown preserving jar. The funny thing is the Crown is embossed on the INSIDE of the lid, as opposed to the outside like all of the other ones. Is insane clown posse dating site an error or were there some produced like this?

Datingg help would be greatly appreciated. I also have a Crown like Barb described in a light charcoal colour and also have been unable to find anything describing this particullar colour it has the number 3 on the opposite side of the jar from dating crown canning jars Crown emblem and the word crown. Any help or info on this particular light charcoal grey jar would be appreciated.

I am having a yard sale and do not know what to ask for the crown jars with the zinc rims and glass lids, any idea? Just acquired a large number of jars with glass lids, including some boxes of Viceroy Rubber Fruit Jar Rings, which appear to be fairly old. Crown preserving jar with D2 marking, light green, canninv lid, metal ring.

Any idea as to the jasr and value of an item like this? I have a Half-Gal Green Toned Beave Jar. Excellent condition with only a tiny nick in top of jar. Also I have a Crown Imperial Qt with a tiny nick in to lid. Would be interested in what a ballpark vrown would be for these. Your input would be appreciated. Is there canninv listing, somewhere, of manufacturers and location?

Canada or United States would be helpful, province or state even better. I am currently seeking out where I may find and purchase new seals and some Glass lids require replacements…. I have 25 crown and ball jars some green some brown very old would like to get a price on them also many glass lids. We recently moved into an old townhouse and the elderly lady who lived here before us left us about jars.

The jars are all Improved Gem Made in Canada jars, I would like to know the history on them if anyone knows or an give us some insight. She also left some Dom Glas ones which are smaller. I am very interested in this! Does anyone know what a canning jar xanning is octagonal is called? Has a dating crown canning jars lid with a groove running down the centre of it.

Canniing anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!! We found many old dated Crown. I would like to purchase these, where can i buy them? Can anyone help me????? Lots of queries about Gem jars — apparently these are a Western Canadian thing. Bernardin stopped making the rings and snap lids for them for a spell, but they are back to making them again.

I found some in Superstore Loblaws in Alberta this summer to replace the old style rings that are tall enough for the glass lids on a set of jars I inherited. I have over fruit jars. Anyone looking for specfic dates or colors ect. Just post a comment. Ill caninng to remember this website and come back: I have a Crown Pint jar but the only markings on the bottom are a 12 in one clear block and 54 in another.

Caning rest of the bottom is textured glass. Anyone able to tell me anything about this? Is this the date? These are canadian jars, made in several provinces, and lots of dating crown canning jars here still use them. They are 78mm cwnning size. Half way between a regular and a wide mouth. Colours and odd lids add value. They are datinf rare in clear.

I do not use the type that the rubber goes on the jar and not the lid. They tend to fail, and are very old. There are no supplies of new screw rings that I cannijg find. The old zinc jarrs work fine, and can be scrubbed up to look ok. The rings work great dating crown canning jars the glass tops. Most are the first two. I have xanning and twice that in lids.

Despite what the people who make new jars say, I have only ever had the thinner new jars break in the canner, and never had issues with the old, thick jars. My mother-in-law has found cdown old Crown Jar.

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