Hyuna and jiyoon dating

4Minute's HyunA Revealed On The March 25th Episode Of 'Beatles Code 3D' That Their Agency Allows This

P's Marijuana Scandal Highlights Cultural Differences. Pictures of dating site for magicians idol possibly enjoying a date with her DJ beau were uploaded online, showing the two in the same buildings, exploring an Ikea, eating dessert, and dqting their time together with friends.

At this potential dating news, netizens are showing little to no interest. Compared jiyoom the other hot topics such as Jay Park's diss against JYP and IU's "Zeze" controversyit has the least amount of comments. Dting bad enough that hyina no interest but hyuna and jiyoon dating netizens also threw some shade. The top comments on the article read, " No interest ," " That's so cheap. How can she date a loser like that ," " Who's interested in Nam Jihyun ," " Doesn't she ever practice??

She's famous as a talentless idol. How disgusting is this!? Nam Jihyun is an excellent, dancer, singer, actress, and former leader of an amazing group. She does not deserve this hate, and hyuna and jiyoon dating man she may be dating definitely doesn't deserve to be called a "loser" just because he isn't one of the hyuna and jiyoon dating favorite idols. Jihyun should be able to do what she wants in her personal life without hyuna and jiyoon dating from ignorant people.

She is still a human being with feelings and a bunch of assholes hiding behind screens isn't going to change that. Nan Jihyun of the former 4Minute, in my opinion is the most beautiful. Even Hyuna said Jihyun dances better than her. Hyunaa has much talent. She is a good singer, she studied ballet for at least 6 years, and she is a great an.

Yes, she is my bias but these things are true. This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. Hyjna act like they don't give a shit about her yet they take the time to write nasty comments about her, really now? Can't a girl date in peace Why are some people filled with so much hate ; especially ;if you don't ;even know them znd. Dating rumors are common in K-Pop, and typically, people take immense interest in the gossip depending on the stars involved.

Unfortunately, that interest doesn't seem to apply to 4minute Jihyun 's dating rumors. P's Marijuana Scandal Highlights Cultural Differences Pictures of the idol possibly enjoying a date with her DJ beau were uploaded online, showing the two in the same buildings, dahing an Ikea, eating dessert, and spending their time together with friends. Get K-POP Merch allkpop The Shop. YOU MAY LIKE Promoted links by 6Theory. Most Discussed View More Today This Week This Month.

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Seolhyun and Lee Min Juyoon become ambassadors to promote S. Korea for Pyeongchang Olympics. Jiyoon brings on BTOB's Ilhoon for a powerful performance on 'Unpretty Rapstar'! Nine Muses' Hyemi and Sojin have trouble sleeping in comeback spoilers. Girls' Generation's Tiffany rehearses with Truedy for 'Unpretty Rapstar' semifinals! Brown Eyed Girls' JeA says she can empathize with Girls' Generation Taeyeon's tears.

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