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What would you want to say if you had a mega phone, and lds mid singles dating an opportunity to say anything to of your peers? It is an interesting question, one that is typically rhetorical, ods in this case, I actually get to execute what I would most hilarious dating websites to say. So every year it is a tradition mi the conference chair to get up and speak on the conference theme.

Or even read the scripture? Then I realized that I had a choice as to if it was going to be cheesy and typical, or if it was going to be llds lds mid singles dating make an impact. I believe the Lord prepared in a few ways to lead this conference, and I have been quite humbled. One way he prepared me, is he gave me insight and perspective into all the different circumstances and life stories that may be in this room today. Well, we are all very datinv and come here today with different needs and a different story.

And many of us feel differently about these singles events. Let me share with you where I was 3 years ago. Three years ago I broke lds mid singles dating an engagement to a non-member that I had dated for three years. It just happened to be 3 weeks before the famous Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference. The thought of returning to the singles scene made my stomach churn, I did not want to jump back in. Dingles I game myself a pep talk and talked myself into going, not to meet anyone in a romantic sense, but just to make some new friends.

So, the Friday night event was at Angeles Stadium. I went alone, and parked about a mile from the stadium. As I walked towards the registration table I had quite a spell of social anxiety, this miv hard for me. I am in sales for a living, I am a professional prospector and get rejected all day, but the thought of going into this singles event was terrifying.

I kept telling my self, baby steps from the parking lot, baby steps to the registration table. Now it is really important that you pay attention sngles the dafing few details, please do not take what I am about to share out of context. So, I approach the registration table, ldw I see this guy that looks kind of lds mid singles dating, someone I have never seen before. I kind of got excited and hoped that he would check me in…. He looked up from underneath his hat…It was was my BISHOP!

I wanted to crawl in a hole! I was so glad no one could read my mind. I wanted to turn myself around and take GIANT steps back to my car. Bishop, please know that Ods have no inappropriate thoughts about you. I share that story with you not only to have a chuckle with you and embarrass my Bishop, but to let you know, that I know and lds mid singles dating Lord knows that each one of us has come here today with a different need and circumstance. Perhaps some of you are fresh off a broken engagement like I was, or maybe fresh off a divorce, maybe you are an introvert or have social anxiety and it took miid lot of courage just to show up and stand against the wall and hope lds mid singles dating will talk to you.

There are some of us barely hanging onto a testimony and are on the mir of going in-active, or perhaps you have been inactive and this is the first time you have come to church slngles a long time. For you, it is an adventure. As my team and I planned this this conference, we tried to keep as many of those vast needs in mind as we could. Back in November, Datjng had to attend a business conference in Dallas for my firm. There was nothing that was out of the ordinary about this business ldw, it was an event I had to go to every year, but there was some distinct situations that I was undergoing in my personal life that I was trying to navigate through.

A couple of days before as I was preparing for this trip, I received a strong warning from the spirit: Boy did I underestimate the adversary. During this trip I datjng eerily aware of how personally intimate the adversary knows me and my weaknesses. Every insecurity I have was played on, every appetite I have was tempted, and every weakness I have was exploited.

What was really interesting about it, is that it was lds mid singles dating subtle, I am not susceptible to sex drugs and rock n roll. No, the adversary knew what would entice me in very subtle ways, emotionally, and mentally, he knew exactly where to hit me, how, where, and when. It was a rough three days…and I made it, barely. I wish I would have heeded the warning a little more seriously and strapped on a little more armor. Through that experience I came to the reality that the WAR in lvs never ended,it is still going on, it sjngles transferred here on this earth, same battle, different field.

Siingles came to the reality that there is sijgles war out for my soul. And if there is a war for my soul, there is a war for each one of my brother and sisters, each and every one of you. Literally, we are in a spiritual warfare, and Satan is a brilliant and tactical adversary, he knows us very well. It is comforting and hopeful that our Savior knows us even better.

I want to preface that each one of these examples I point out I am guilty of myself, the only way I am familiar with them is because I have lived it in one form or another. Is the singles scene a Fortress? Is it a place of rest and safety? A place of peace and protection? Or, is a lds mid singles dating field where we allow the adversary in to do his subtle lds mid singles dating destructive work?

Is it because we are apart of a faith and a culture that is based on family and eternal marriage? Why in the records in my singles ward, people are inactive? Why do so many of our brother and sisters that once had testimonies stray? Why is what the sngles is providing a better alternative than the environment we are dafing as their family in the singlee I would like to offer a few examples of how our cultural flaws destroy a feeling of peace and protection.

We live in a culture where the hottest thing is reality T. Its interesting, enticing, and captivating, and for years the human spirit has been drawn to it. When we date someone, we get to know some pretty personal details of their life, we get to know the datin and the good. And when we break up for what ever reason, it becomes the latest news. People just have to know who broke up with whom, or who wanted the divorce.

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