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So I married a Mongolian...

Traveler Editor in Chief Keith Bellowsmongolia dating customs Suzanne Robertswinner of the "Next Great Travel Writer" essay contest, are currently exploring Mongolia. Today, Suzanne takes a moment to suss out the intricacies of the Mongolian dating scene. Yesterday, Keith and I came across Andya twenty-something redheaded American expat from Iowa who teaches English to wealthy Mongolians at the small school around the corner from the university.

He claims to like living in Mongolia except for the "brutal winters" he says he saw his breath from September to May—the average temperature in January ranges from a high of four to a low of degrees Fahrenheit. Also, Andy says that when he takes a Mongolian lady out for a date, the Mongolian men become angry because they believe that "foreigners are trying to steal their women.

Oyunaa says that a couple will date for about six months and then the father of the man will go to the family of the woman to ask for her hand. Over dinner at the posh Winter Palace, I ask Oyunaa about Mongolians marrying foreigners. According to Nomingerel, "The Russians are our brothers. As it turns out, the custpms Mongolian men might not like an expat like Andy dating the women, but the fathers of Mongolia are fine with it. The Mongolians, in general, seem to like Americans, especially the music.

Apparently, President Bush visited Mongolia in and called the U. Read More from this series: Arriving in BeijingDay Two mongolia dating customs BeijingThe Real Mongolia dating customs. A beautiful young dustoms in an advertisement for a Mongolian clothing company, by Suzanne Roberts. Hi I live in Australia and I dxting met a lovely momgolian man who has lived in Australia for the past 20 years.

Phyllis, There are nice Mongolian men and there are brute Mongolian men. I have seen more Mongolian men beating their female partners than I have seen them holding their bags. I have been in Mongolia for four years now. Many Mongolian men are deadbeets who spend all their pay on vodka, forcing the women to work to support the children. To Deegi, Pure Blood??????? Buaaaaaaaaaa ha, ha, ha! Umm deegii, what monfolia of history have you been brainwashed with. Your ancestors, chinggis khaan etc, raped and pillaged their way across much of the known world at the time.

So i fail to see how your ancestors kept the blood lines pure. BUT we have not mongolia dating customs lot people. So we should keep our nation and blood pure. It is just wrong for me. Our ancestors kept their pure blood for us generation. Be persistent with her. Mongolian women likes to be mysterious until they feel like they can let their guards down. Well, Russian did so many good and bad things. They always packing us into the box. They are nice and polite smiley but inside they could think the worst thing.

But as a Mongolian man, i think it is pretty sweet mongolia dating customs see interracial couples. Most Mongolians aggressive on that ,but to me love has no race. For Carl… Mongolian women difficult to understand even for Mongolian men. But maybe she is not interested in you, or she might have a boyfriend… Basically as a Cistoms we are pretty serious and realistic momgolia. We are not that sweet or romantic type. Interesting reading for sure. U are sure right when u say Mongolian girls seams much more strong and seams to make no girly effort to impress the guys like Japanese girls.

But other than that its hard to move from this spark to actually mongolia dating customs. Have been flirty in both in a kind way and a more straight forward, she still are much more passive then most girls. Every time she make a weird joke and i get no information at all about anything. But we live mongolia dating customs Japan.

XD sorry just wanted to point out that custom in the article. Foreign guys are generally more dangerous than foreign women in Mongolia especially Chinese. I have seen mongolian women slapping or beating the man and the man did not fight back. It is certainly a nice place for nature travel especially during the summer. Next Great Travel Writer: Travel Photography Beyond the Guidebook Taste of Travel Family Time Travel With Heart Adventure Urban Insider Digital Nomad On Assignment.

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